"Managing people"


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keep up and fortunately he just got fired restaurant worked
living in homeless man he met by chance or come to my house and asked.
This would subject "possession" of the House. That's three man asked an old man, he and his brother characters. In among the three parties to contested ownership of this House. The legal owner's brother. Have renovated the apartment and asked his brother is a brother back to the old man. He first appeared as a quiet man, old man talking to unilaterally. Propose a brother old man do them control of the House. The next morning, my brother is no old man suddenly appeared my brother to suspicious persons, is fierce. Old silent in front of his brother. But my brother suddenly this old to manage people, and not to those in. The three exchanged is an absurd play, is elderly and elderly brother and brother-one of only several times over, and then mid-fraught with insanity. Face-to-face with his brother and his brother's play just one alone, and that no words are staring at each other and smile just a strange setting. On the other hand, he was appointed "caretaker" by gradually own this House start to realize, attitudes are changing. consciousness of people.
bombastic speaking, the relationship between indigenous and invader, and reached 1 degree even by chance to lose no possessiveness, including, in the fields and in the Grand Theater of the absurd. new Director at

20th century masterpiece drama Trying to even attempt a classic drama of modern ages produced newly by a contemporary interpretation in the Setagaya public theatre. This concert is part of it. as a Director, young headed by
Nobel literature prize winning British playwright Harold Pinter masterpiece called "caretaker" (1959), continues and now active in Japan plays world to produce acclaimed forest Shintaro.
management who is famous also won the ninth place in the "drama written in English of the 20th century" ranking, survey conducted in 1998 by the London National Theatre.

"manage people"
management who is the writer Harold Pinter (1930-2008) work was presented in 1959, said of his masterpiece. Character is lost comb was homeless on the verge of an old man and certain brothers three jobs. In directing Pinter's theater of the absurd, Shintaro Mori's edgy, sometimes comical, sometimes seriously to create a rich theatrical space in the small space of the theatre tram.

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Mizobata Junpei, / 忍成, / Hiroyuki kitakubo


Written by Harold Pinter and Director: Shintaro Mori


2017/11/26 (Sun) 〜2017/12/17 (Sun)

11/26 (Sunday) 16:00
11/27 (Monday) 19:00
11/29 (Wednesday) 19:00
11/30 (Thursday) 14:00
12/1 (Friday) 14:00
12/2 (Saturday) 13:00
12/3 (Sunday) 13:00
12/4 (Monday) 14:00
12/6 (Wednesday) 19:00
12/7 (Thursday) 14:00
12/8 (Friday) 19:00
12/9 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
12/10 (Sunday) 13:00
12/11 (Monday) 14:00
12/13 (Wednesday) 19:00
12/14 (Thursday) 14:00
12/15 (Friday) 19:00
12/16 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
12/17 (Sunday) 13:00

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