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素謡 "crane" Takeda will bunch Takeda munenori
1 "Yashima" matsuki thousands, Kanze new Shinkuro, see ujii"yamai tsunao Kamei, t., winding silk Nomura Shir? gold 春國 direct
resolution"teika"Takeda statement Zhi Hosho kinya Nomura Manzo Matsuda, Hiroyuki Sowa Masahiro Kamei Hirotada Nomura Shir?

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Takeda statement Hiroshi houshou kinya Nomura Manzo / Hiroshi Matsuda Hiroyuki / Sowa Masahiro Kamei Hirotada Nomura Shir? / Takeda will bunch / asami real state / fumiyoshi ASAI / Toshio matsuki thousand / yamai tsunao / Tadao Kamei / Kanze new n. 9 / money 春國


Rie Takeda


2017/12/23 (Sat)

12/23 (sat-Mon) 14:00
* show time 3 hours 40 minutes

Ticket Fee

SS-seats (with audio guide): 12500 Yen
s: (with audio guide): 10000 Yen
a: (with audio guide): 8000 Yen
b: (with audio guide): 6500 Yen
seats (with audio guide): 5000 Yen

SS-seats (no audio): 12000 yen
s: (no audio): 9500 Yen
a: (no audio): 7500
b: (without audio): 6000 Yen
seats (no audio): 4500 Yen

1000 yen discount! 8000 Yen-> confetti (A) seat (with audio guide): 7000 Yen!
1000 yen discount! 7500 Yen-> confetti (A) seat (no audio): 6500 Yen!
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Kanze Noh theater


Organizations Overview

The performances of Noh Kanze school Noh and Masashi Takeda sentence planning and production. its big themes to our expanding the heart (feel) I grabbed flowers

you, performing songs by the top-notch speakers, and base.

function is for beginners, however aims to feel the essence of the resolution first, and then follow with the introduction of the commentary before the rendering resolution and audio guide tour.

Takeda statement Zhi (takedafumiauki) curriculum vitae

1977, Takeda will bunch his second son. 26 world Soke, Kanze seiwa, treasure and Nomura Shir? and his father studied under

3-year-old debut, after 12 years as a child member (child actor) active in. Ichikawa ebiz? XI, and Kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke and classmates.

so far cite as a total number of 100 (the protagonist), in omagari numerous juvenile records to update the work. Numerous overseas performances. Beside the stage cast backward teaching workshops and professional efforts, currently has more than 100 years, guiding the 100 pupils. aspects as the life advice program

recently, answer the worries of young people in radio "podcast" and the lecture learn Noh business succession of managers, has attracted attention. To attract people to the heart (feel) grab the flowers of many people to expand the soul Noh.


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