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š confetti 10 November interview published articles (WEB version) click here! "

Asakusa, Tokyo record stores and the Odeon Hall; small universe " in play is a
Military (military national songs) or (enemy music), in jazz or even popular songs or? sparkling like a
age 0/1940 was headed to the dark side and from moment to moment, to live bravely and cheerfully bright,

star of the people! Odeon Hall like

sun shining Savior Lord " Fuji "
No. 22 times Yomiuri Theater Awards best actress won by fall vegetables Mitsuko, including
Komatsu concert seat no. 120, and Inoue eaves of my drama works,
that phantom original cast performances once again.

0/1940 autumn. Small record shop located in Asakusa shortly become subject to arrangement and Odeon Hall.
there live Fuji Ogasawara shinkichi shopkeeper and his second wife, only the eldest daughter, and Morimoto Takeda
and ad copy home and evening school students also live with. Odeon Hall came of militarism
Pacific war on the eve of the inimitable music lover.
Shoichi first son as "unpatriotic" and deserters, and
Misato militarism maiden from that reversal, the House of the hero. genjiro and son-in-law lost his right arm in a
battlefield, chunks of militarism by the bone marrow.
and run positive and fuss involved chasing a military police corporal Gondo.
to believe things are crashing in the
' small but enjoyable home! "lyrics go in the Odeon and a
Will captures the transience of human being entangled in the age in the phantom shiny Hikaru and verve. the ordinary lives of ordinary human

draw chitin and spectators holding the belly laugh, God weeping Poro-Poro.
the audience's laughter and tears, this is human drama to write up the highest medal of honor.
is the beginning this is Showa people transfer trilogy in the first place.
This is so to speak, my kind of drama. It is through people gathered small record shop in Asakusa, Tokyo

war days was heavily 0/1940, last year of the Pacific war, paintings. is a nostalgic scent fullness
tears and laughter are the stories depicted on the popular song at that time is not bright at times draw

each place in the star-studded
--- Inoue Hisashi


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Fall Greens Mitsuko / yamanishi Atsushi / Kubo tolerant / Tashiro great student / Kimura Seiji / goto Hiroaki / fukaya Miho / AKAN-Nobuyuki Masaki Yoshikazu Iwao sea history / Katsumi Kiba.


By: Inoue eaves / Director: Kuriyama


2017/11/5 (Sun) `2017/11/23 (Thu)

11/5 (Sunday) 15:00
11/6 (Monday) 13:00 š
11/7 (Tuesday) 13:00 š !
11/8 (Wednesday) 13:00 š / 18:30 š
11/10 (Friday) 13:00 š
11/11 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:30 š
11/12 (Sunday) 13:00 !
11/13 (Monday) 13:00 š
11/14 (Tuesday) 13:00 š / 18:30 š
11/16 (Thursday) 13:00 š !
11/17 (Friday) 18:30 š
11/18 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:30 š
11/19 (Sunday) 13:00
11/20 (Monday) 13:00 š
11/21 (Tuesday) 13:00 š !
11/22 (Wednesday) 13:00 š
11/23 (Thu-Mon) 13:00

* doors open at the@Starting 30 minutes before. * Duration: 3 hours (including break) scheduled

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™: round show held performance
› 11 / 7 / (Tuesday) 13:00 performances after the
autumn Greens Mitsuko, yamanishi Atsushi Tashiro great students, Kimura Seiji, fukaya, Miho
<› b> 11 / 12, (Sunday) 13:00 performed after the
Yoshihara (jonan shinkin Bank Advisor)
-to hear the footsteps of the war era-
› 11 / 16 / (Thursday) 13:00 performed after the
Inoue Hisashi birthday special talk show
Tsuji Wan long, Katsumi Kiba, Kubo tolerant Yoshida, goto, Hiroaki
› 11 / 21 / (Tuesday) 13:00 performed after the
want Hogarth
-"music" bring laughter to others! -
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* cast is due to change.

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