"Daikanyama fine beans in the sky the 11th anniversary '
Sky (= Obara bow + Suzuki + forest Shigeo) meets Sano Shiro / MICA-LBT


Performance content

Sano Shiro than this LIVE the...

Ohara bow + Suzuki Shigeru + forest husband=SKYE meets Sano Shiro. can be played not only in stages under the band name

legend of the members of no doubt! Electronica maika loubt & # 233; Ms. of also booking other which is not either!

this time, daikan-Yama "sunny beans in the sky sow ' from decided live teaser, stand on the stage after a long absence.

that was almost suspended bands came along with sanch, gelatin silver Music Club band so far with three GRACE/dr, Emerson Kitamura/key, Hashimoto Jun / Jun Hashimoto of the base passed away in 2014, since. It was in Jun.

live to the first bassist to ask anyone. Challenges that stood in front of me. And half do not think how, we readily agreed so far consulted a dared REI Ohara. In addition, guitar, Jamie if you do standing close together her husband's drum, and so consented by both of them, for your suggestions. Members of the band as a result, everyone was formed in high school, and SKYE are met.

it. Is in. When the stage under the band name of SKYE recalled Japan's rock history, with a special meaning. Happy cemetery the Niagara also had wrapped around prenatal breath around mid band. Young Maia loubt & # 233, still have to ask the performers; and I, will listen to members "isn't a legend?!?" The astonished and so history that transcends time and generations currently in progress.

3/1 you talk about this, Monsieur bite yatsusann was killed. After a long time trying to play songs written by Monsieur? (Shiro Sano)

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Sky: Ray Ohara Suzuki the husband standing close together / Shiro Sano / MICA-LBT



2017/8/30 (Wed)

8/30 (Wednesday)
OPEN 18:30 and START 19:30
* end time will be 22:00

Ticket Fee

Ticket: 6000 yen (all seats reserved, tax incl.)

* arranged in numerical order entry, the venue is the tatami (Chair and) / upon additional one drink cost 600 Yen
+ Ticketing Fee


Daikan-Yama fine empty the bean toss


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