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Kikuchi naruyoshi × Nagoshi yasufumi interview & mini-live interview with theme 'music and Makeover' cocoronocotoiri vol.7


Performance content

Keep evolving, makeover, sing and dance--talk? in

naruyoshi Kikuchi, Nagoshi yasufumi collaboration and collaboration with the audience's great beans is thrilled to shaking.

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every time to change the subject, and send in the form of"1" and musicians about music came to mind with the seventh naruyoshi Kikuchi, psychiatrist and Nagoshi yasufumi teacher talk series, "cocoronocotoiri". Theme of the talk is "transformed music." The power inherent in the music performers and creators '"will be transformed into. And we will talk about "Makeover" music creation and performance impact, and more.

interactive series, naruyoshi Kikuchi of the psychiatrists 'dream was to be a musician"and Nagoshi teacher and musician.

finally Nagoshi teacher in earnest on the stage singing an original song composed last April's events, Nagoshi teacher's public rehabilitation must, mini live the dream of Mr. Kikuchi naruyoshi piano accompaniment like... realized in stocked. And wow! It was last April mini kicks off at Mr. Kikuchi's improvisational piano playing with!

to paste on a roll, "unveil a new composition every time! "The homework to Nagoya from Mr. Kikuchi (? ) Or request...! The shape mini & vs story that evolved, "Makeover" to talk, the adult night dreams MUST JOIN the dialogue and music. Collaboration is not only Mr. Kikuchi and Nagoshi-San. Everyone in the audience will collaborate through Mr. Kikuchi and Nagoshi-San and the questions and answers!

bright, please come!

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Nagoshi yasufumi Kikuchi naruyoshi (musician) / (psychiatrist)



2017/8/21 (Mon)

8/21 (Monday)
OPEN 18:30 and START 19:30

Ticket Fee

Advance tickets: 3500 yen (all seats reserved, tax incl.)

* arranged in numerical order tatami's admission, the venue (seats and) / Getty Images on one drink 600 Yen
+ Ticketing Fee


Daikan-Yama fine empty the bean toss


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