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Osano was looking for "Nakahara" person. "Nakahara". Osano grandmother found "I am the cancer" and then they wanted to see people. However, the wish was not fulfilled. She handed over a letter of death to 1, Osano. It was a letter addressed to "Nakahara" was a childhood friend. Osano "Nakahara" to seek out and pass the letter. Then began to talk about Nakahara was the story of the Pacific war "commando".

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Shimizu one-Hui / etc.


Writer-Director: Fujimori Ichiro / lighting: Yasushi Kuramoto (air power supply) / sound: flat stage co., Ltd. / stage director: Hiroki Kato / production: Yoshinoya stores your / producer: matsumaru Masato / cooperation: NPO Corporation international art culture Exchange Association, air Studio co., Ltd., troupe spatial rendering people, other / sponsored by: by ones to, air Studio


2017/8/31 (Thu) 〜2017/9/4 (Mon)

A show
9/1 (Friday) 15:00 & 8/31 (Thursday) 19:00 A performance / 19:00 B performing
9/2 (Saturday) 14:00 A performance / 18:00 B performing
9/3 (Sunday) 14:00 B performance / 18:00, A performance
9/4 (Monday) 15:00, B performance

* duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
* Performance differs performers in A performance and B performances. Please note that upon
ticket purchase.

Ticket Fee

S-seats: 8000 Yen:
a: 5000 Yen
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


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Organizations Overview

By ones to established 0/1996 aim mainly to casting operations, such as TV shows, events, CM.
now has casting to any other category, planning, and production operations.
air Studio that Fujimori Ichiro Director and screenwriter mainly video and stage planning and production management, planning production companies.
Japan / East Japan bridge company theater, doing weekly stage performances by members and foreign performers.
in addition, both large and small, have also produced shows at other theatres, popular young celebrity collaboration stage.


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