SOLID STAR produce vol.11
Won't lose a Ken manko.


Performance content

story is the tale of a local high school.
to quit Tennis Club, became a hero of the "students are always in the Club must belong to" from a school named
next Club was looking for.
now anyways, from my childhood friend and solicit manga Research Department and will join the Club is.
individualistic writing titular in comics and manga Research Department, nowhere to be found, Geek of geek week! It was a sink for non-rear, people have lost their place in
school locations!
Don discount drops to ask of members are.
"would become Student Council President! The Tsu! "
to tell the truth, this name only from the manga Division, daily activities, Club extinction in limbo was.
geeks do not lose the only place for their members, [te rear drop came from varnish to be
student body President, at its power, trying to stop the Club dissolved and thought it was! in the begging of the manga Division is now standing at
clubroom extinction is
drop is going to run for Student Council President. geeks live

SOLID STAR production of romantic youth comedy!

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TADA Manaka / Miyazaki Nana / Kobayashi tsugumi / Hatakeyama Liao / shirakashi Kotobuki Univ. / North] Hayato noble / Nishioka Daisuke / ’z“c line child / Kato, t. / Hasegawa, noble / Watanabe Arisa / big tree excellent sound / Hattori Anna Rina / rabbit Nagisa Sayaka / Hiroyuki Araki romper / Yukawa, k. / “ก•๔ Mizuki / village on the plain (W cast) and young (W cast)


Written and directed by: Shirayanagi power (this Super rabbit Reich)


2017/9/6 (Wed) `2017/9/10 (Sun)

9/6 (Wednesday) 19:00 [B] š
9/7 (Thursday) 14:00 [A] š / 19:00 [A] š
9/8 (Friday) 14:00 [B] š / 19:00 [B] š
9/9 (Saturday) 14:00 [A] š / 19:00 [A]
9/10 (Sunday) 13:00 [B] / 17:00 [B]

, [A]> , [B]> > š * doors open will begin an hour earlier.
* expected duration: 120 min

Ticket Fee

Platinum sheet: Adv. 6500 Yen
seats: Adv. 5500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* Platinum seat award toy with front row seats to us. (Each show limited)

+ Ticketing Fee


6 rows of holes


* Preschool children admitted are permitted.

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