Atsugi Symphony Orchestra
Atsugi Symphony Orchestra Foundation 40th anniversary Memorial Concert Series Vol.3
Atsugi Symphony 79 subscription concert

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Performance content

Berlioz / overtures "Roman Carnival"
Madsen / Horn Concerto works 45
Mozart / Horn Concerto No. 1, d major K.412
Berlioz / fantasy Symphony works 14

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Conductor: Yuichi takubo (guest appearance) and Horn Solo: Hitoshi Imai Orchestra: Atsugi Symphony Orchestra


Sponsored by: Atsugi Symphony Orchestra / co-host: Atsugi / sponsorship: Atsugi-City Music Association


2017/12/17 (Sun)

12/17 (Sunday) 14:00 concert (open 13:30)
* duration approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (including rest time)

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): 1000 yen
¥ 200 discount! 1000 yen-> confetti seats: 800 yen!
* junior high school students and younger are free.
(tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Atsugi city Bunka Kaikan


Organizations Overview

Initiate activities focusing on central part of Kanagawa 40th anniversary. As well as the regular performances, collaborations and played in the orchestra pit, such as Opera and choir are working on various.


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