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TKWO new season curtain opened conductor of Takeshi Ooi co-star

season's first concert, the conductor of this Orchestra and Takeshi Ooi appeared.
why humans fight or keep why destroy this beautiful planet and does not change or change what the music
you to tell us. "Please cry me" from the

G. F. Handel / Takeshi Ooi, nakahashi love Student Edition /
Opera "Rinaldo"
R... Nelson/wake up / Alleluia-winter solstice for
R... Strauss/piovano-study for 23 solo strings-
(orch. nakahashi love raw tube music ensemble version) lament for
Fujita Gen seeding / band Michael
K. apotheosis of this earth, FUSA

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Conductor: Takeshi Ooi (conductor) / Tokyo Kosei wind Orchestra



2017/9/30 (Sat)

9/30 (Saturday) 14:00
* opening is the show 60 minutes.

Ticket Fee

only eight! S-seats 6000 Yen-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) and 3000 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC by 1000 P get! (9/28 17:00 40 update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo art Theater Concert Hall


9/30 (Saturday) 14: 00 please

* preschool admission 8.
* performers, track, time, etc. are subject to change.

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