Hatano m. & Yasuji Ohagi duo concert-songs across the sea ~

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Across the Atlantic language, rhythm, melody, and musical culture from the 16th century old
exchanges, European and South American continents were affected.
deliver readings by Mutsumi Hatano new
translated versions over the works in their respective countries, and the Atlantic Ocean, emigrated to the United States.
composer, Tedesco Platero and I "song to cross the sea"-themed luxury program. enjoy the moments surrounded by enchanting
singing and guitar playing music. date <

Falla / Spain seven songs from a "hotaa","Lullaby," "seguidilla""
L..." by Leo Brouwer / 11-br /> G. Bizet / Opera "Carmen" Habanera "is in love with wild bird"
M. C. Tedesco / "Platero and I" (original: j. R Jimenez)
4 vols. more excerpts from configuration (by Mutsumi Hatano benizakura Edition readings) in addition

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Mutsumi Hatano (mezzo-soprano) / Yasuji Ohagi (guitar)



2017/10/4 (Wed)

10/4 (Wednesday) 19:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

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10 only! 5000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)-> 3600 Yen and 1900 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC post! (10/3 17:00 40 update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Yamaha Hall


10/4 (Wednesday) 19:00 10

* due to program participants, program subject to change. Please be forewarned. Please refrain from
* preschool children admitted.

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