Onuma, Japan
Onuma Yuki Quaternary dance
Seno Flamenco

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Onuma Yuki came over with the famous Gypsy Flamenco authentic Andalusian age. Welcoming the renewed Spain singer in performance, aim the manifestation of new Flamenco artists. Will evoke deep emotion toward Flamenco in this film that combines the strength of Japanese delicacy, Spain is.

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Onuma Yuki Quaternary (dance) and Curro de la chicuela (song) / West Yoko (song) / Hiroyuki Yamauchi (guitar) / AI special aside (guitar) and iyama Naoko (Parma)


Choreography and composition: Onuma Yuki, and stage director: Yamada's, (momoplanning) / lighting: Masami Inoue (exact matsuzaki) / sound: Yusuke Yamamoto (Kyoritsu) / advertising art: Akiyama kaoruko / planning and production: Onuma Yuki tertiary, estudiobregna


2017/11/15 (Wed)

11/15 (Wednesday) 19:30
* running time 80 minutes

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All seats are reserved seating (advance): 6500 Yen
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Organizations Overview

After graduating from Japan University art faculty, yamakawa three Futoshi joined led by Silver tent 究竟 atop. Resignation after receive the teachings of dark Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata in asbestos. In Yuko SATO studied under, and then met flamenco. In 1992, passed West and Madrid, Sevilla, to about 2 and a half years to work at Les de la Frontera. After returning to Japan in 1999 in Nakano, Tokyo estudiobregna established. Deploying on the stage and invited a selection of prestigious Gypsy than
Jerez de la Frontera, highly improvised Flamenco "Espontanea-flamenco, spontaneous-" a masterpiece. In 2016, "EspontaneaIV" cultural arts festival dance division Rookie of the year award. 2/2017 for a solo performance at the Jerez de la Frontera. Also, kagita beauty, SATO Hiroshi Yuki flamenco dance work "infinito-infinite-" guesting "arrived at the port of kuronn rice", played an important, and break new ground.


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