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"magic city yaso' practice field talk show

full of exotism, referred to as "magic city" and also in the 1930s, Shanghai. secret love hidden in the history of

one Japanese youth with pomp and dark, especially in Shanghai, and the era of light and shadow, the man, accompanied by live jazz music depict vibrant and dramatic, original music play is born.

writer's intense human drama and theatrical world-leading makinonozomi. From directing performances live from the Grand Theater directing edgy glitz, engaged in a wide variety of performances at the "best season now Director" and Kawahara Masahiko, not an exaggeration to say. Increases the expectations you get any entertainment.

hero Shirakawa Ching t. help Zhou safflower naohito Fujiki, the heroine's (CHOW honghwa) useful to Mycoplasma, safflower's older brother, Hideo Nitta alloted to Zhou Zhiqiang (CHOW and Tatum) become ry?sei Konishi, the story of Jazz "Le Pacifique" Manager Satoshi Hashimoto. Other spectacular sail 1, Kohei Matsushita, autumn dream], Kong Kuwata, harukaze Hitomi, yamanishi Atsushi, Kunio Murai, and we'll find talented actor of the theater was. is

stage in 1939, Shanghai. Shanghai at the time had become a city full of exoticism as a concession of powers such as France, United Kingdom, United States and Japan. International desires and intentions of the people who swallow the city was called "magic city".

was the man in the city. Shirakawa Kiyotaka (naohito Fujiki) is a man's name. While familiar with the art of noble blood he pulls the intriguing countries, government officials and the devoted to entertainment. The days of Shanghai came with instructions from his father, but still independent. A brother and sister who appear ago that Kiyotaka. Having a Chinese father and a Japanese mother, Zhou Zhi (CHOW, Tatum ryosei Konishi), safflower Zhou (Zhou & honghwa Mycoplasma). Kiyotaka, and between the two gradually friendship will be created. various people gather to the Club as Manager

Nitta Hideo (Satoshi Hashimoto) "Le Pacifique". It was a weird space, along with the sounds of people's speculations swirling debate heated up political face, told all musical discourse around the Club, if you happen. Kiyotaka, Zhiqiang, safflower is the Le Pacifique various encounters with people.

safflower is indistinguishable from a neat and clean appearance expected free-spirited side is poking, Kiyotaka, he attracted so Beni. However, waited at love two of each. Zhiqiang and safflower is a secret.

era had begun dropping cast a large shadow. When on the eve of the second world war. In the great wave of history caught without mercy by Kiyotaka still couldn't see the goal with his own fate. in Shanghai, cities provide glare

international powers, swirling speculation, Kiyotaka is waking to gradually to do. Kiyotaka and safflower, and people surrounding the great drama develops.

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Fujiki Naoto / Mycoplasma / ry?sei Konishi / Sou 1 sail / Matsushita Kohei / autumn dream] / Takashima hot 7 / Hamasaki Kaho / Nakatani superior mind / kid Reika Misaki / Ryo Murakami Takashi / Yoshioka hemp mayuko / before Tanaka Satoru / itakura faculty / Tanabe Ken-Ichiro / Okuda who certified / Kong Kuwata / harukaze Hitomi and yamanishi Atsushi Murai Kunio Hashimoto Satoshi


Production: makinonozomi / Director: Masahiko Kawahara


2017/8/9 (Wed) `2017/8/13 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
8/10 (Thursday) 19:00-
8/12 (Saturday) 17:00
*-in the performances of mark Hamasaki Kaho is Li Koran Auditors, Takashima vegetables 7 ensemble appeared in will be.
* mark performances, will be appeared in the ensemble role of Li Koran, Hamasaki Kaho Takashima vegetables 7.
* opening is the start 45 minutes ago.

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