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8 th Endo Yoshihisa of Shofu

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Japan premiere zenchiku juro, daijiro newly written new trick "matter of parallel" Ariwara Narihira's Ghost features appear matsukaze Suma URA spin-off trick.
resolution matsukaze cite Endo Yoshihisa tsre Sakuma Jiro Waki Noguchi Yoshihiro 大鼓 Tadao Kamei (living national treasure) drum, Kiyoshi Kojiro (Hiroyuki streams's House) Hiroyuki Matsuda (Morita flow)
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Resolution matsukaze cite: Yoshihisa Endo / tsre Sakuma Jiro / Waki Noguchi Yoshihiro / percussion: Tadao Kamei (living national treasure) / drum: Hiroyuki Kiyoshi Jiro (Hiroyuki streams's House), Hiroshi MATSUDA (Morita flow) / geutai: Kanze Yoshimasa / etc / guardian Kanze willing / trick "matter of parallel" ghost of man: good [j. and Narihira: zenchiku juro / informal: Yoshiyuki Kanze, Kanze Yoshimasa


Organizer: endo-Noh offices and cooperation (public service Corporation) Kanze 9 nango Board Office


2017/11/5 (Sun)

(Sunday) 11/5
at 1:00 30 doors open
at 2:00 pm

4:40 concert calendar
* duration 2 hours 40 minutes

Ticket Fee

S: (Adv): 8000 Yen
a: (Adv): 7000 Yen
seats (Adv): 6000 Yen
student seating (advance): 3500 Yen
(tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Yarai Noh


Organizations Overview

Yoshihisa Endo meeting
Noh Endo Yoshihisa's planned and organized by a Noh theater performance. welcome members to cobble the presentation
everytime, working at the forefront of the Noh music field, performers, to challenge the best stage for himself.


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