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mysterious voice drenched in the Hall. The pinnacle of choral art. Choir of

now boasts a world-class talent and popularity. a mysterious program with a religious content, such as
This is characteristic of Tokyo from the high ceiling sound like come on
rain poured and the good music. in the a cappella
choral art of outstanding clarity. We will enjoy the beautiful harmony of a
God gave the best instrument, "the voice". After the

pelt: victory (1996 / 98)
Sven-David-sand stream: new heaven and new Earth (1980)
Penderecki: Benedict (1993)
Penderecki: Agnus Dei (1981)
vikandel: Lily of the Valley King
Schnittke: Concerto for unaccompanied chorus (1984-85)

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Conductor Peter Dijkstra / chorus: chorus of radio Sweden



2017/9/14 (Thu)

9/14 (Thursday) 19:00

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

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only 12! A-seats 4000 Yen-> 3000 Yen and 1600 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC post! (9/14 17:00 05 update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall


Please note that the may
9/14 (Thursday) 19:00 12

* songs and performers subject to change. Please
* preschool children and visitors.

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