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& #12316; if you finger the world has changed. So, this is magic! & #12316;

private okachimachi town high-school part of the"magic" that was greeted with the crisis of. Dean struggles to
Club survival and Juniors pace.
between high school two years after having secret in the squirrel, to tell the truth to anyone.
like "magic," a visit one day the biggest pinch! to see

hot blooded and are far from laugh in "the magic is good.!
boring everyday sparkling glitter and" frolicking giggling desire ", but youth story!

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[Heart]: village North takagishi Misato Aki and Saori, Tanaka Natalia love season, ice, Ohno, eco, Kyoko Arai, Aizawa bookmarks, Tachibana Rui, Fukatsu Haruka and Arisa 星加 / [ACE]: Yuna Miyama Yu, Ito still sails, Watanabe Kirara, AO, Okada Sango, 藤篠, takato Asuka, maruoka Wakana, Tabata Nene, Hayashi apricot tree / [for both heart and ACE]: Seto Rin, Koizumi kanako, Yoshimura Kyota


Written and directed by: Southern shisui shoots / lighting: Kazuki 仲光 (e-flat) and acoustic: Kishida, Naoto / stage manager: inage Ken-Ichiro / advertising art: Nishida Hayato / publicity photo: Yusuke Kida / magic coaching: koume and casting cooperation: near sadafumi WTF / producer: Tamura Tomohiro / company representative: Iwasa Kei 2


2017/9/28 (Thu) 〜2017/10/1 (Sun)

9/28 (Thursday) 14:00 [heart] / [ACE] 19:00
9/29 (Friday) 14:00 [ACE] / 19:00 [heart]
9/30 (Saturday) 13:00 [heart] / [ACE] 17:00
10/1 (Sunday) 13:00 [ACE] / 17:00 [heart]

* performance time approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

Ticket Fee

All seats are reserved seating (advance): 3500 Yen
all seats (A advance tickets, special offers): 4000 Yen
1000 yen discount! all seats are reserved seating (advance): 3500 Yen-> confetti seats (Adv) 2500 Yen! If
* cast selection 500 yen off 3500 Yen!
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


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