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Okawa industrial No. 41 times performed this dark drama "earphones"

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Performance content

The earphone Guide, not, is the story of"earphones".

' VA! Missed! "
you experience on the train and I also down the panicking people have seen
better. by
Smartphone on the earphones in the train 'living'

"den", "cinema" game Center "Layla" and "theatre" and making their own space as barrier
pulled the power and would be for example. "Office" to

Caf? earphone and PC sight watching. It is the earphone
self space creation is a powerful tool. In a dark theater,
customer safe for staff transceiver
attached to the seat. Hears voices like
staff and yourself, of course, Director and it is concentrated in the
play sound through earphones in the dark indeed hear from another dimension, a story on
gods are watching.
a dark stage situation comes to the head. This is a
Kabuki in the Broadway musical in the earphones,
the story commentary, there are explanations in Japan, but
This is the earpiece itself Guide, not become
"protagonist" story.
earphone ear sounds with acoustic drama.
on stage together.
so all guest wearing the earphones, making
own barrier will be enjoyed.
to your earphones play's dark
theatre and hope and hope.
our visitors wait to enjoy.
film-directing Okawa,
* dark drama is a registered trademark of Okawa industrial.
* dark Theatre Stage Director help is the Okawa industrial patent. (Patent No. 4773944)
* long followed by darkness, so dark for fear of people, one with a weak heart, please refrain from pregnant.

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Yutaka Okawa / Terada sports day / griddle ? magic taro / Jonny ushikoshi h. ogura azuki beans


Written and directed: Okawa, and stage director: shrimp Sawa-no-Sakae / Assistant: HiRoE / lighting: takafumi Kondo (air power supply) / sound: 真沢 Noriko / propaganda art: Huse.inc / production: shimohama Natsuko, Takahata Reiko Inoue, hisayo 保佳


2017/10/6 (Fri) 〜2017/10/9 (Mon)

10/6 (Friday) 19:00
10/7 (Saturday) 19:00
10/8 (Sunday) 14:00 / 19:00
10/9 (Mon. / holiday) 14:00
* running time approximately 2 hours

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): 3800 Yen
1800 yen discount! 3800 Yen-> confetti seat 2000 yen! (tax included)
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Organizations Overview

Is the only male artist collective, Okawa industrial. Too distinctive performers are enrolled. Not just comedy, put the power to play the world's first dark drama "dark plays".


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