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My hot passion that can touch anyone so severely burned. Or, the song of the seven lost


Performance content

woman to bewilderment, rage, to complex,
and live in sadness, helplessness and loneliness.
six actresses and one dancer in one woman's life-detonated bombs hidden inside the mind of

only eight years, the anger, and written works intense, it would avert your eyes Bold and tragically gone novelist Nelly alkanes.

this piece to 2013 in Canada Montreal ESPAS GO collaborate with Robert Lepage and over the years made many appearances on his work, and actress Canada version of the interview with actress Miki Nakatani made his stage debut was in the Performances in adaptations of the Marie Brassard, director playwright, has swept the topic of the year.

will be staged at seven glorious works of Japan actress and an artist. OKUNO Miwa
Yasuko matsuyuki, in addition to the islet St., Eriko hatsune, Yuko Miyamoto, ASHI, sumire, kiriya actress six active at home and abroad as dancers, gathered the very best cast should be called actress and artist. novels written by

Nelly's almost his own life. In the period was a high class prostitute in Montreal, ever, that "woman" yourself or family always felt alienated, such as unabashedly rammed into the novel.

This works in Paris with a sensational debut novel "Putain ("not only Japanese title: Kiss')","Folle (meaning "crazy woman")"the Burqa de chair (meaning"flesh burqa"), From a standing position in some 'L ' enfant dans le am (children in the mirror)"a different cast of seven (actress six and one dancer), folds of the heart pain talking with Alexander mcsween's music, going out.

hard living struggle one woman in swirling emotions, death to our kaleidoscope of by stage, each overlaps the voice, the word, the echo arena.

about this piece of Marie Brassard speaks: as a production plan.

"means that all the characters in the shows a different side of Nelly alkanes. is more than history

real life of real-life women, a symbolic character. Mature and young at the same time also. For each natural, beautiful and stand out for their uniqueness and beauty, donning a very wacky costumes. This is the show theme taking beauty, fear, female competition, emptiness, etc, such as Nelly Alcan said in the book.

now playing much appeared people that they will stay in each room. I design the set designer (Antonin Sorel) and costume designer (Catherine Shannon) to show each woman's beauty each of the rooms at the Montreal performance. I think it is great I had to expand the personal concept of each, as well as actresses in Japan. "

further this fall, Nelly alkanes of the world except the stage can be enjoyed. First Nellie alkane film on the Nelly (original title) decision published in Japan in October, at the Ebisu Garden cinema, etc.!
2016 Toronto International Film Festival, world-premiered at the up and coming female Director Anne Emon ("one night sex, Montreal, 27") took the megaphone.
also in the translation of which is Nelly's debut novel "Putain" Matsumoto Yuriko, PARCO publishing in September decision on sale!
this fall, books, film, and stage and enjoy a vivid world of "Nelly n-alkane in a variety of media!

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Matsuyuki Yasuko / Kojima St. / hatsune picture Rio child / Miyamoto Yuko / Reed, violet OKUNO Miwa / kiriya


Nelly-n-alkane / adaptation and Director: Marie Brassard / translation: iwakiri, Shoichiro original story:


2017/11/4 (Sat) 〜2017/11/19 (Sun)

11/4 (Saturday) 18:00
11/5 (Sunday) 14:00
11/6 (Monday) 19:00
11/7 (Tuesday) 14:00
11/9 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
11/10 (Friday) 19:00
11/11 (Saturday) 19:00
11/12 (Sunday) 14:00
11/13 (Monday) 19:00
11/14 (Tuesday) 14:00
11/16 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
11/17 (Friday) 19:00
11/18 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
11/19 (Sunday) 14:00

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