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Lonely death now amounts to more than 30000 years.
exceeds the number of traffic deaths, suicides.

special cleaning staff job is cleaning and field like that lonely death, finding relics.

this site's apartment after his death more than a year later.
already bodies were being taken, but can you imagine that corruption is disgusting face and becoming rancid and
was substantial by copious bug number.
most toilets, bathrooms and kitchen. In the watery inhabited by unknown creatures.

they work Buri chased one camera. In Director, thought he must have had something in the past, was under the pretext of chasing as coverage of documentary work in harsh conditions, but actually goes to such work in the back. camera directed at those

struggling and then while working. projected from
therein recorded before the special cleaning staff and gradually, their past work. "freeter" did not meet the expectations of

parent. the company was involved in a
corporate scandals. nurses in the emergency medical field arriving
many lives to save.
former underground celebrity.
each of them felt despair in reality.
was to allay that desperation they were involved at the scene of a lonely dead came from his miserable end.

however, this case was different. a number of middle

garbage to belongings. It was a tidy special cleaning respectively for employees is a familiar one.
their belongings, and then workers will given in my life. Maybe it is a message from the deceased; You can get feel slight hope came alive

desperate people had.
only one person, nobody's presence, not died lonely deaths. However, it left me much hope that death.

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Suzui Nagano munenori (European plan) / Tomoyuki hatanaka (caramel box) Kikuchi Mika Negishi Takuya / Hirata Kaoru / Yoshida, Goro / Eastern Li-en / Akira tozawa (NEXTAGE): tadahisa Fujimura (Hokkaido television broadcasting) and Hiroyuki


Written and directed by: suzui Hiroyuki


2017/7/19 (Wed) 〜2017/7/25 (Tue)

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7/19 (Wednesday) 19:00
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7/21 (Friday) 19:00
7/23 (Sunday) 17:00
7/24 (Monday) 19:00
7/25 (Tuesday) 13:00

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