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"precise piano was derided the human metronome'
" from numerous Concours '
genius pianist ARIMA Duke students with such past heard a piano became his mother's death was moving away from playing longer. April became the new school year, we passed, Ryota and childhood friend to worry
Kosei sawabe Camellia---
Duke students do violinists in the same year miyazono (s) meet.
you (s) for changing the coloring Park living world colorful mind the days of black and white.
to do one day, and Duke students nominated violin piano accompaniment.
once again touched the keyboard by Duke students in emerging new emotions.
friend, rival and mentor and spend four seasons beautiful spinning a tale of bittersweet lies.

"again come spring I had met you, spring is coming soon.

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Arima, Kosei: anzai, Shintaro / miyazono or: Matsunaga of SAE / sawabe Camellia Kawachi-no-Sato art / Ryota passed: WADA Masanari / Hisashi igawa picture see: mountain ‰บ‰i summer / ‘Šภ Warriors: yokoi sho Jiro and Ochiai Yuriko: Takako Nakagawa / Akira Takayanagi: Toshio Mikami / NAO KASHIWAGI: Haruka 50 storm / Seto Hiroko: Kuniko Kodama / ARIMA early Quaternary: Yoshiko Tanaka / performers: upwelling Ryota Matsumura (piano), shuko Kobayashi (violin)


Story: naoji Shinkawa "April you lie" (Kodansha's monthly sh?nen magazine tocorono) and screenwriter: Miura incense / Director: ISE Naohiro


2017/8/24 (Thu) `2017/9/3 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
8/25 (Friday) 19:00 š
8/29 (Tuesday) 19:00 š
8/30 (Wednesday) 19:00 š 8/31 (Thursday) 19:00> š
9/1 (Friday) 19:00 š
each 2 to 6 names total 26 people
* opening, starting 30 minutes before is.

š after-sales events to be held!
8/25 (Friday) 19:00-school after discussion (starring: anzai, Matsunaga, Kawachi, WADA, 50 storm)
8/29 (Tuesday) 19:00-concert
8/30 (Wednesday) 19:00-concert
8/31 (Thursday) 19:00-concert
9/1 (Friday) 19:00-school after discussion (starring: anzai, Matsunaga, Yamashita, yokoi)

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