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"Prince of stride THE LIVE STAGE, Episode 4 [Tokyo]


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★ confetti August interview article, click here! end stage of "Prince of stride"

Visual novel and game planning from the start has been broadening his drama CD, komikaraizu, TV animation and media development! run

casting stage and in the audience seats crammed with the fly!
please cast their coaching professional Parkour action! the force of an overwhelming LIVE can be expressed from a
stage. And the wind blowing through the audience.
This is a real stride! stage Edition

all four parts drawn in "Prince-of-stride'.
the final episode and Episode 4 will be staged in the 8/2017 fit in the original calendar. Until the end, don't miss!

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Towards South Campus: isaki ryujiro (Yagami land), insert wooden staff (Fujiwara no respect), Misaki Momose (cherry Kasai people), Kumagai sakigake man (kohinata hozumi), Takuya Kishimoto (hasekura Heath), Kosuke Shiraishi (kadowaki step), Ayu Fish River Sun (kuga Kasuga), Yusuke Arai (Jiro Dan Yu), mizukoshi morning bow (Kawarazaki riko) / West-Star Academy: Kobayakawa, Shunsuke (Suwa Reiji), Ryo Kobayashi (mayuzumi quiet horse), Matsumoto Hinata (Chiyomatsu mantar?), Hiroki Nakata (Seno,), Tanaka plus Hui (mayuzumi ninety), Hiroki Mihara (Okumura Maple) and kakyoin Academy high school: Kitamura Ken (Yagami Tomoe) 校條 fist taro (維田 heaven), Masaaki Wilderness (summer calm eyes,), 塩口 ryohei (Aoba Nanping), Naoyuki Maruyama (p. TOMOYA), Noriyuki Ohashi (p. r.), Y?ki Masuda (Joji Sakurai) / Lin Shuji (DJ stride)


Planning and original design works: Sogabe Shuji (FiFS) and character design of kanako (FiFS) / logo design: Tomoyuki 内古閑 (CHProduction) / original work produced by blitz Girl ' sStyle: matsuzaki Fumiya / screenplay: katsuragi h. / Parkour coaching and directing: HAYATE / producer: Keisuke Tsuji (triflentertainment)


2017/8/14 (Mon) 〜2017/8/20 (Sun)

◆ Episode 4 (appeared school: towards South Campus West Hoshi kakyoin Academy high school)

* manual for performing
8/15 (Tuesday)
19:00 (towards South three years / hasekura Heath kuga Kyousuke)
8/17 (Thursday)
19:00 (Golden trio / hasekura Heath, kuga, Kyosuke, Yagami Tomoe)
each 16 people total 32 people

* doors open starting 30 minutes before
* This performance is the story in daily scenes there. Please enjoy the daily scenes of
a variety of combinations.
* time table in () is the name of the character that appeared in the daily scenes of the times is the name and school name.
* daily scene outside stage this is all show the same content. Characters are the same.

Ticket Fee

32 name limit! 1 floor 7800 Yen-> 6900 Yen and 300 P get!

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