Black Lizard [1/20 (Saturday) 18:00 / half-private concert]


Performance content

is the world-wide United Kingdom Director David Vau
finally directing "black lizard" continued admiration!

Edogawa Rampo detective novels and plays of Yukio Mishima in 1961, black lizard. realized in the production plan has drawn dream Supreme masterpiece drama left by Yukio Mishima has been fascinated by
Japan world-wide United Kingdom Director David, Le Vau, one for many years. aesthetic "black lizard" produced a new
Please expect in the world!

-storyline-in threatening to kidnap her daughter SANAE jeweler laid the Foundation in the
once and Iwase Zhuang chubei Itoh, the scare, hire a private detective Akechi kogoro. Ringleader stayed Midorikawa Mrs. Iwase good customer in father daughter hid yourself in Osaka hotel room, but was actually kidnapped notice she's female thief, black lizard.

black lizard will introduce SANAE Amamiya and beautiful young men, take her away and so is at appearing before Akechi unwittingly keep alert and criminal. What is cool and does not hide the romantic longing for the "crime", while Akechi Midorikawa=black lizard says.
"in essence you are unreciprocated love (Koi) to go I. Crime to on (I) love (Koi) ". counterattack, play

"but there may be 己惚re, but I think that. My crime is from the love (Koi): I said "?

confident that attitude back to the show the Akechi rescue SANAE brilliantly. Black lizard was repulsed. Beauty Hunter-Black lizard VS. play detective, kogoro Akechi, towards ending thankless will heat up even more.


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Original: Edogawa ran step / screenplay: Mishima Yukio and Director David Leveaux


2018/1/9 (Tue) 〜2018/1/28 (Sun)

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1/20 (Saturday) 18:00.

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S-seats: 12500 Yen:
a: 9000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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