Stage version or not I Chin to prevent maitchingu Machiko-Sensei-seaside school with mermaid legends! Ariel is such a thing? of volume-

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Gag comic serialized in the early 80's, was a big hit, "it was Chin to prevent maitchingu Machiko-Sensei"
2017 summer live-action theatrical! "contact us" in the
starring maitchingu Machiko-help!

& #8203; here is my or school. Students voice is echoed today, symbolizes the bright school...
it stands?
No, this voice is voice of the female students and teachers? Voice teachers maitchingu Machiko-Sensei!
maitchingu Machiko-Sensei came from this school became lively!
character is brilliant! Academic excellence! Preeminent motor nerve! Style is awesome!
it occupies an enviable maitchingu Machiko-Sensei is your naughty students!
"Photoshop! Kenta you guys! Anymore! It was neat to avoid! "" And I was! Great success! "
evil, when Kenta people in trio maitchingu Machiko-Sensei a naughty great success it seems!
Oh there's always Street School. Be quite busy with school.

principal's Office-Aichi tamako principal's coke Dalma headmaster was watching school always smiling and has changed the look, he flew! "Zeman again strengthened the spirit of those children! The principal! Samus goes to the seaside school, summer vacation to finish! "
principal also sees a swimsuit maitchingu Machiko-Sensei! Was borne in hopes it was willingly accepted the Aichi principal demands.

2017 summer--and to say that! Maitchingu Machiko-Sensei this time comes to the seaside school!
Yamagata teacher, principal or assistant principal will come, added to the usual members. There is the legendary mermaids appear
then the sea. Maitchingu Machiko-Sensei said Mermaid is waiting for someone...
unexpectedly bumped into a mermaid and Kenta to fulfill wishes of the Mermaid, a scrambling. is waiting for the
mermaid friends Tengu!
Tengu looking maitchingu Machiko-Sensei who sneak into the Woods at night. Appeared a lot of youkai, not gone Chin to prevent! the

Mai-Edition maitchingu Machiko-Sensei seaside school! Many events happened in
summer scenery of sea and mountain, using popular cartoon maitchingu Machiko-Sensei says draws on nostalgia. Laugh and cry--horotto...
also near the seat "will not! Chin to prevent units (the wind blows from the bottom) ' put through realistic, not. Chin to prevent reproduction! deliver your participatory entertainment by

take pictures, take the sense of oneness with our customers!

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Yamashita Makoto Hikaru Aoyama / 愛海 Natsume / real / Misawa ayaka / Otsuka result student / suzuhara grace / Koizumi flowers love / Ichikawa Saki / kibataprofessor Rika / new chopsticks justaway / negosix (W cast) / Goblin kushida (W cast and 8/19 day tour only appeared) / Takahashi Mariko Koto / yanase or early Quaternary / mawatari Naoko / Sekiguchi at / Sakamoto one, and Shiina Kana River / moat Yuri / katase Mizuki / ayase? / going Shoko / Zen esato Nana / sawai Shun-Hui / Torii Kirara / Inaba hemp Yuko / Tamagawa love praying / Nishimura Kelly / in / Yukiko Takano


Written and directed: Goblin kushida / story: shrimp rose, ("will I Chin to prevent maitchingu Machiko-Sensei")


2017/8/17 (Thu) 〜2017/8/20 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
8/17 (Thursday) 19:00
8/18 (Friday) 19:00
8/19 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
8/20 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:00

* the lobby doors are 3 total 18 people 45 minutes before starting a Hall venue 30 minutes ago. After events and benefits, (will be informed separately)
* each performed after

Ticket Fee

18 only! seats 5000 Yen-> 4300 Yen and 600 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC post 200 P! (8/17 17:00 30 minute updates)
+ Ticketing Fee


Tsukiji hongan-ji Temple BDSM Hall


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