Heartful home soldering and
Gift of life
Is-and no Han and 17 performance

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First Division play supervised by gift of life: stories to find answers for souvenirs from a child
wipe Ishii, Ayako Kobayashi, familiar guest, please God.... is a wide variety such as
No. 2, heartful Showtime
sign language dance and sign language songs, sign language classes.

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Kobayashi Ayako / hozumi Takashi Makoto / Yamabe Yuriko / Watanabe Yoko / stand nobue and Aoki not seen hozumi Miyuki / / Iwasaki Momoko / Fukatsu t. / Miho Hayashi and Zeki Miyabi / 公受 real Princess / Honma chiemi (deaf) and Sakurai like this & blind guide dog sky (Deafblind) / troupe-and home Han etc. (would persons and hearing people) / dance TC sprout and Japanese Taiko DEN


Supervised by: Ishii Fukuoka / by: 菊村 Li and Director: Yamabe Yuriko / sound: atsuhiro Nagara (stage Office) / lighting: Teshigawara Akiko (tatsumae-positive husband stage lighting Institute) / stage director: Yoichi WADA / sets: kanai sets / subtitles: Takashi TADA (Tripoli) / video: Yoshiro SATO / choreography: Yamabe Yuriko / sign language interpreter training: Hashimoto Miyoko / sign language under the supervision: heartful home han WH / production: Yamabe Nobuo / production assistant: Tetsuya Fukatsu, Xicheng, vegetable-production: Flash one, troupe heartful home han WH / sponsorship: public interest association, Tokyo, hearing impaired


2018/2/24 (Sat) 〜2018/2/25 (Sun)

2/24 (Saturday) 11:30 / 15:30
2/25 (Sunday) 11:30 / 15:30
* performances time about 2 hours

Ticket Fee

All seats are reserved seating (advance): 5000 Yen
1000 yen discount! 5000 Yen-> confetti seat: 4000 Yen!
(tax included)

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Mitsukoshi Theatre


Organizations Overview

Professional actors, singers and deaf, Deafblind, intellectual, is a theatre company to stage performances at play with various disabilities and make the sign with sign language dance and sing.
President: child wipe Yamabe Yuriko play supervised by: Ishii (TBS producer)


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