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The versatile flutist of Hungary have skill and sound
Sasaki Hiroko (piano) & Gergely izzersh (flute) duo recital

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Sasaki Hiroko Gergely izzersh now referred to top European flute player, and his childhood in Europe, the United States actively learn and continue the activity as a performer. It is their first duo concert in Japan. Will be included as well as work program, arranged for flute izzersh Violin Sonata, a new charm for flute and discovery become a concert.

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Sasaki Hiroko (piano) and Gergely izzersh (flute)


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2017/8/17 (Thu)

19: 8/17 (Thursday)
* performances time 1 hour 45 minutes

Ticket Fee

Free seating (General): 3000 Yen
all seats (students): 2500 Yen
500 yen off! 3000 Yen-> confetti seats 2500 Yen!
(tax included)

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"Closer to classical music" idea on the theme Europe and has been active in the international artists in Japan to introduce the manufactures supply of music and concert management.


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