Theatre Group Theatre, Tokyo Mandarin orange
"In this city-with you-" "Kaneko in Isuzu world-27-Peter Fong and MAA-Chan I's story"
Theatre Group Theatre, Tokyo Orange Foundation 10th anniversary concert

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Program 1 "in this city... with you together"
won the Mayor's award from the words in the "City" in Matsuyama city in 2000 entitled "Word power", recruited from across the country "want to become in this city fell in love, got married and became a mother, my grandma! "And the song made impromptu Mitsuru Arai of the writer to say"in the city"that theatrical 戒田 Setsuko, based on the musical.
title 2 "Kaneko in Isuzu world 27 bullets" (25th anniversary series) in a pillow Word
Japan aluminum Isuzu Misuzu Kaneko as a pseudonym, GE's magazine started by writing children's songs in the senzaki moved to Shimonoseki, and began work in a bookstore at twenty years old. And the "fish", "mallet luck" "ladybirds" and dove in the grocery store is a winner, appeared in the magazine. Nursery rhymes I say things to make from 1 month, timidly began; I had spend watching unpleasantness, abunaku magazine is defeated and I decided to reveal it. Happy, want to cry. Really, thank you. (Shimonoseki, Kaneko in Isuzu) in the correspondence column of the magazine was posted
nursery rhyme words. Die 512 hen nursery rhyme in four years, leaving the world at the age of 26. Tanabe
theatre group theatre, Tokyo Mandarin presided over by Wu and Kaneko were m. Daisuke ueyama and playwright himself placed in dating is that the spring of the Tokyo Olympics (1964). From the old theatre, Faculty of Arts, Japan University classroom lectures studied for nearly 20 years. Thoughts of his brother 4/11/1989, who died in her sister's birthday not bridge "Kaneko in Isuzu world series", Kaneko in Isuzu's birth in 1990 Festival (1992, nagato City) begins with "my sister and brother and senzaki and" "100th Anniversary Festival" (nagato city, 2004), "110 Anniversary Festival" (2013, nagato City), "Toyama world children's performing arts festival" (2012.2016, Toyama-Shi) gone, this will total 27 film.
"Misuzu Kaneko was down while Sann seeks a mediocre happy in so smashed in the harsh and terrible reality, continues at the hands of their short lives. Thoughts of last-minute or every single word bet up to life behind a gentle, warm and play hearts or the light is bright enough depth of darkness in my heart to thicken on the other side as an inversion of the reality is opposite of play are unimaginable. "(Takeshi Tanabe)

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Maruyama tips in in / 戒田 Setsuko / wells BA child and Tatsumi Jiro / Funakoshi m. / Yamamoto East / Yoshida Yukari Nakano Official Rika / Ishida heaven flowers / Tanabe Yu Nana / fujimaki with SAE / NOAKI Miwa / Minamikawa JUNJI / Ishikawa Yoichi / Hikaru SATO students / Nagasawa, Kazuhiko / mitani 1000 papers / mutoh Miharu / tateisi Shota / Kaneko Naoko Naomi grace / 禅野 / money / Oka-t. MATSUDA Miho child / kanemori Jig province / Fujita Yasuko / paddy thousand / Takada mebae / Oshino aimi / forest future / Yu jade Takuma / AI Kobayashi / Kobayashi Sachiko / Kobayashi EMI


Screenplay: 戒田 Setsuko / configuration / Director: Tanabe Takeshi / theme song: Arai Mitsuru / lighting: Abe Norio / effect: Suzuki Satoshi / equipment: kakiuchi Norio / stage director: Matsuyama Takeshi, Yu seamount Scripture / choreography: shiiki Mina / propaganda art: Ishikawa Mami, Shinohara, Masayuki / PR: round Hirayama beauty / other


2017/9/23 (Sat) 〜2017/9/24 (Sun)

9/23 (Saturday) 13:30 / 17:30
9/24 (Sunday) 13:30
* performances time approx. 2 hours
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Seats (Adv): 3500 Yen
1000 yen discount! 3500 Yen-> confetti seats 2500 Yen!
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Za-Koenji Temple 2


Organizations Overview

Children's poet, Kaneko in heart of Isuzu and his brother's thoughts is formed to connect the 9/2007. For 21st century children through children and adults participated, and both talk about their work, is intended to create an environment "heart grows up".
first performance, in 3/8 No. 5 times Suginami Theatre Festival works, as fantasy "Kaneko in Isuzu world <1>-Vaux Sann Let's play! ~" performances.


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