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peace makes words and make a "lol".
wartime life experience gave birth to Japan's unique story.
war effort and lived in what the
storyteller galore here genius who's way of life?

‰~ถ and ambitions I grade, storyteller created art range together called 'master of the Showa era". Yip witty art that specializes in
the rhythm and tempo of I ‰~ถ was a human-interest story on students and
characteristics of the two from the Dalian road during World War II, until way after the war always together, trip to
with bizarre doings pilgrimage evolves based on historical fact, deadly. study of the era, not forget the emotion of the mind tricks of laughter and the Japanese two
to forget it us anti-war song was. Welcome laid out for the heart of the Japanese as a
storyteller genius storyteller who's popular biography play
new cast Hall of performance. is the difference between

dislikes another and penmanship!
hanashi‰ฦ, even if he what hanashi‰ฦ is,
the person who is "light".
experts, alone, not celebrity or not.
do not know whether he is any good, really good.
good and bad are classics and new each other becomes light and shadow and, making
storyteller the great community.
-Inoue Hisashi

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shi ohmori and sky sunset / Aki Maeda / OTA green Laurence / Valley pond shatei / LaSalle Ishii / played: Pak WINS t


Inoue eaves / Director: Cormorant Iwayam


2017/9/8 (Fri) `2017/9/24 (Sun)

(Friday) 18:30 š
9/9 (Saturday) 13:30 / 18:30 š
9/10 (Sunday) 13:30
9/11 (Monday) 13:30 !
9/13 (Wednesday) 13:30 / 18:30 š
9/14 (Thursday) 13:30 !
9/15 (Friday) 13:30
9/16 (Saturday) 13:30 / 18:30 š
9/17 (Sunday) 13:30 !
9/18 (Mon. / holiday) 13:30
9/20 (Wednesday) 13:30 / 18:30 š
9/21 (Thursday) 13:30 !
9/22 (Friday) 18:30 š
9/23 (sat-Mon) 13:30 / 18:30 š@
9/24 (Sunday) 13:30

* opening is the start 30 minutes before. * Duration: 3 hours (including break) scheduled

š: special prices for performances on confetti!

™: round show held performance
› 9 / 11 (Monday) 13:30 performed after the
Higuchi Yoichi (comparative constitutional scholar)
" Inoue Hisashi's laughter "
› September 14, (Thursday) 13:30 performed after
sky sunset, Aki Maeda, OTA green Laurence, ikeya shatei
› September 17, (Sunday) 13:30 performed after the
Omori Hiroshi, LaSalle Ishii
September 21, (Thursday) 13:30 performances after the
His much this (cartoonist)
"Showa Genroku storyteller suicide until"
* round show held, non-"‰~ถ and ambitions I students ' of admission tickets to
you have the better.
you may, however, be closed upon admission as full.
* cast is due to change.

Ticket Fee

Admission fee
daytime performances: 9000 Yen
š night : 9000 Yen-> 7000 Yen!
student discount: 5000 yen * (all reservation seats / including tax) br /> <

* student discount: junior high school, high school, College, colleges, theatre training Institute students target

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