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"AOI no UE" and "BA"-Princess she captivates the modern technologies of genius he directed numerous modern Noh theater director, Imai fathoms, and classical dance company, Yu Yu Hakusho beauty and fantasy a new stage of the tale of Genji.
overnight compared to the fleeting life, ladylike yugao.
jealous crazy femme fatale woman rokujo Wraith... the beauty of conscious and unconscious and static and dynamic-contrast with life and death in Japan dance and Noh delivers. Devas serve Minamoto no Yorimitsu

"turn off demon" (US only)
mid-Heian, Ironside, Watanabe no tsuna to Rashomon, a single demon extermination tales go, fights with the sword of the tale of Genji, demon off Maru and the incarnate demons cut, cut off the arm of the demon prowess spreads in the world.
Samurai rugged beauty of spirit and beauty of love warriors.
gorgeous, costumes, soul in song and tone--. enjoy the world of peace
Takeshi music played by the samurai and xxxHolic

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shi music theatre founder head: optical Shiro, Moon Princess woman, Imai ask ya / et


a Yuki OTA and othe


2017/10/16 (Mon) 〜2017/10/17 (Tue)

10/16 (Monday) 20:00-
10/17 (Tuesday) 14:00-
* running time 90 minutes

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): 5000 Yen
1000 yen discount! 5000 Yen-> confetti seats 4000 Yen!
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


gawa Edo Museum Theate


Organizations Overview

shi fun seat
2006 "Takeshi rakuza" debuted, the beauty of an advocate. GUCCI founders 4th guccio Gucci's more admired as art. Plays acclaimed human national treasure Okura shonosuke nurses with one to see Japan and Italy diplomatic 150th anniversary commemorative Opera Gala concert"opening and repairing works on zojyoji Temple Tokugawa Ieyasu 400 times appeared around the temples and shrines and Noh, Fuji Rock Festival 2009, kiyoshiro didicate, earthquake relief event, as well. "Japan Film Festival in Florence", as well as overseas, and has been performing throughout the world, such as Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Jerusalem, Shanghai, Taiwan and Brazil. 2016 2017 higashikuni Palace culture Award (contributors culture), Prince higashikuni Palace Memorial Award (creative) winning.
[Takeshi rakuza]


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