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Performance content

It is submitted to the society and Made [15 Minutes]
once a stage in 6 groups each one 15-minute short theatrical productions staged by the theater Theater from the new flow event performances. enhance the overall environment surrounding the theater, do feel closer to a diverse representation of the
theater play, easy to enjoy performances being held aiming at continuously.


Theatre Group caramel box
1985. Narui Yutaka and Mashiba responsible for most of the screenplay and directed. With a diverse repertoire of genres such as fantasy, time travel label, 60-minute half time theater, dramas, novels and movies of the stage. "People & #12040; feeling" seeking entertainment can enjoy watching who is the theme. put hit songs such as

plum bar
j-pop and old skool breaks, "play x Dance" a challenging dance contest in the style of their own, and won numerous awards.
in recent years, mainly in theatre performances. various entertainment, such as
Theatre, dance and music fans like to enjoy popular, up-and-coming dance teams. play group to eat

kakinoha customers
overwhelming fiction creation. Feature is lively with a focus on the play of specific performance. Scale of activities, including working in the artists-in-residence in collaboration with adaptations of classic works and other artists, various regions have continued to spread. 1/1/2006 formed. jizo addiction

2014 debuted. Thorough yet in that style does not leave anything to the audience, "meaning made from became" home after what one remember "think about doing in public good" etc has been heard much praise.
"spend two weeks to create the props come only 3 seconds" have a reputation on the mistake of the do力 for.

Kichijoji Temple Theater theatre of
Middle and high school students perform works with instructor directing playwright Kichijoji Theatre Theater Workshop. Horikoshi cool specialty / performance of strangers was 1 month ago this year, the high school students create a piece of work. Summer Theatre full of sweat, tears and fatigue and surprise and tension and courage and hope and fulfillment. Please see 15 minutes but cannot make this member.

? Mrs.fictions
3/2007, creation and development of the performing arts to start the activity. Others has produced exhibitions, the relationship between art and the performing arts, the connection between audience and collective, group and group attaches importance to the relationship of those dense stage producer group going for something creative. Organized under the philosophy that not 出会wanakute those who "made in 15 Minutes".

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omer / company Theatre Group caramel box / plum bar / persimmon eat jizo addiction / Kichijoji Temple Theatre drama Club (written and directed by: Ryo horikoshi (Ayame specialty / performance of)) / Mrs.fiction


Lighting: Kaori Minami (LICHT-ER) / sound: Tanaka Ryota (Paddy Field) / stage director: Takeshi HONGO / General Director: Mrs.fictions / performing arts: Sakamoto, Ryo / propaganda art: Fujio Kantaro (dogs and spit) / publicity photo: kirin / flyer model: (Dave) fukaya Rika (persimmon customers eat) photography / video: Yusuke Shinohara / video: Matsuzawa of Taku and produced and hosted by: Mrs.fictions / cooperation: Musashino Cultural Foundation, public foundation


2017/8/23 (Wed) 〜2017/8/27 (Sun)

8/23 (Wednesday) 19:30
8/24 (Thursday) 15:00 / 19:30
8/25 (Friday) 11:00 ★ / 15:00 / 19:30
8/26 (Saturday) 11:00 ★ / 15:00 / 19:30
8/27 (Sunday) 13:00 / 17:00
(11 stages)
★... Additional stage

* registration starts, opening concert begins 30 minutes before. Please note that it may not too
* start time, at all times.
* after the concert, "end meeting". (Not implemented in additional performances)

Commission on the end. It is time to open up the theatre to their customers as long as theatre space to enjoy. Please feel free to relax, or answer the questionnaire and interview with the cast. Each invited guest from participating organizations, will also talk.

round guest
23 (Wednesday) 19:30 caramel box
24 (Thursday) 15:00 Kaki eat customers
24 (Thursday) 19:30 Kazuo Nakamura (caramelboxchiefproducer)
25 (Friday) 15:00 plum bar
25 (Friday) 19:30 Shiba Yukio (playwright / Director / House presided over by)
26, (Saturday) 15:00 jizo addiction troupe
26 (Saturday) 19:30 Mrs.fictions
27 (Sunday) 13:00 Kichijoji Temple Theater Theatre,
27 (Sunday) 17:00 ookawa Satoshi (Kichijoji Temple theater production)
* duration 2 hours

Ticket Fee

(Adv): 4000 Yen
high school or less (limited editions and w.ID) (advance): 1500 Yen
1000 yen discount! 4000 Yen-> confetti seats 3000 Yen!
(tax included
+ Ticketing Fee


ijoji Theatr


Organizations Overview

ura Keisuke and presided over by focusing on creation and development of the performing arts activity to stage arts creation group. 8/2007, raising an army at the special performance "made 15 minutes'.
mainly to continuing the planning based on the idea that "people are not met", gained the sympathy of many theater people that philosophy has attracted support. I believe one seeks, from the idea of performing arts is the art of the relationship, the relationship between artist and audience, relationship between the expression of the relationship between theatre and society to enrich activities these activities itself leading the whole theater theatre scene.


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