ing xmlns="">Theatre modern classicism</string
ing xmlns="">Theatre modern classicism, the merchant of Venice</string
ing xmlns="">As Susumu Symphony Orchestra plays "Antonio and Shylock</string

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ing xmlns="">Works of Shakespeare's "merchant of Venice" fleshed out a story based on. Replace the new play a licensed trademark registration our writer Natsume kirino Toshiaki [at the same time advance Symphony Orchestra play]. &lt; br / &gt;&lt; story begins &gt;&lt; br / &gt; 1596, fall, Venice, Italy. For the extermination of Jewish usury political (ten Commission) to offer agonizing choices at the end of the huge debt to the Jewish usurer enemy "Shylock" activates the relatives married the merchant of Venice, the main character "Antonio", with the desire to advance. Was emblematic of discrimination against Jews in Venice he made the biggest secret to the outside world. Shylock on the other hand, "no matter what you simply lend money" declared were also Antonio fall signs, lend the money at the end of the conflict, shoves it to guarantee the case, repayment impossible, cut a pound of flesh from your body. Life once debts alone, activates the enemies two life with crazy start.

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Tarutani Yoshinori / Onishi fai / KASHIWAGI Park Jai and Shimada y. Takuya (guest appearance) and Toi Ayumi beauty / kuramochi Kyo NET and Tabata, unread / during willing ear / SATO Runa / other


Theme music production: Kanta / costumes: downstream Miyuki noble, Inoue Aiko / lighting: Hitoshi Nakamura, Satomi Osamu Tamotsu / acoustic: Adachi rie / stage director: Nakamura, Hitoshi / advertising art: kuramochi CC NET / justifying photos: Arai kotomi, videos: Big West Akira Takashi / production: Adachi rie / cooperation: Ohata Azusa, etc


2017/8/21 (Mon) 〜2017/8/31 (Thu)

8/21 (Monday) 19:30
8/22 (Tuesday) 19:30
8/23 (Wednesday) 19:30
8/25 (Friday) 19:30
8/26 (Saturday) 14:00 / 18:00
8/27 (Sunday) 14:00 * SOLD OUT/18:00
8/29 (Tuesday) 19:30
8/30 (Wednesday) 19:30
8/31 ( Tree) 19:30

* duration 1 hour 10 minutes

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ing xmlns="">Theatre modern classical Atelier (studiomodunclascism)</string


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Organizations Overview

ing xmlns="">Established in Osaka in 2007. Tokyo into bases by the year 2015. New play a licensed trademark! "At the same time Susumu Symphony Orchestra play" (what an earthquake attack) troupe. Splits into multiple scenes on the stage, the same time another point in the frame story progresses at the same time, a new play. Words from various locations on the stage one after the other, and emanating at the same time, to our customers, such as orchestras play more, "at the same time Susumu Symphony Orchestra play", "Orchestra plays" purports to.


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