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No. 36 times Kikuta Kazuo award winning movies, long-awaited!
best film has been loved across the centuries that Audrey Hepburn into a movie star for the American movie does anyone know this 'Roman holiday', produced by the Director William Wyler, 1953. can

recently, staged as musical Revue and the popular memory is a new film, but in the straight play in the 10/2010 by our performances Japan premiere. Performers this piece was made with the idea to surprise a whopping three express on stage as the black and white world of film world. And can enjoy a wide variety of both men and women, such as young people first came to see the film in real time from work.
Makino Nozomi's writer-director won the 36th Kazuo Kikuta award, recognized this. Delivers the premiere cast of the long-awaited play a replay in 2012, would be staged three times this.

inspire deeper person firmly caught Joe's upbringing and life by projecting the damages of the age at the time of background to Reporter Joe behind the cold war happened in America, movie and point of view change in the stage version, witch hunt, was one of the Hollywood ten in Dalton trumbo (screenwriter of the Roman holiday), Princess Anne's country living voluntarily choose, Even waking as a woman as a Princess during her appeal parterre. Are warm drew out of the chest understand each other from the men's combination of Joe and his friend, the photographer Irving. of friendship lovers of Anne and Joe, Joe and Irving, Ann women and condensed than

film stage space, grow, feel the humanity of each stage. as

Princess also played three stage version present ability of cast and tells Jo Anne grew as a woman, all
to understand and watch Joe Irving,
leaving alone at the end of back his life filled with...

personality and leading staff in "Roman holiday"
actor mature and enduring masterpiece not to be missed.

stay tuned! fleeting and Princess Anne in

Italy-Rome, stage, tour Europe with a newspaper reporter Joe love draws and three Oscar-winning film "Roman holiday". the audience hurtling through the mouth of truth, Rome's streets but considered the film were staged in 2010, as even now still loved beyond

century masterpiece "Japan's first straight play version of" the difficult stage of VESPA, the Princess. Such as recreating scenes from the movie brilliantly and won rave reviews from the audience!

in the 1950s in Italy and Rome. The forced newspaper reporter Joe 泊mezaru quirky daughter one night, lying on a street bench at home. But reluctantly had startled the next morning! How she visited European countries while Ann was the man! Anne was in Joe reach scoops and friend Irving photographers so not convinced Princess
fleeting freedom, hidden identity, has Satanic Embassy secretly conspire, in the eternal city, Rome to enjoy holidays with freedom and some heart start attracted. The Princess is also attracted to Joe...

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Joe Bradley: Yoshida Sakae made / Princess Anne: Hikaru asami and Irving Radovich: ogura hisahiro / voice cast: River Ocean


Original screenplay: Ian McLellan Hunter, John Dighton / original: Dalton trumbo / Director: makinonozomi / screenplay: Tetsuya Suzuki, Makino Nozomi


2017/7/26 (Wed) 〜2017/7/27 (Thu)

7/26 (Sunday) 14:00 ★ / 18:30!
7/27 (Monday) 12:00
* Tour duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes (including break) (tentative)
* opening is the start 30 minutes earlier.

★: Premiere special curtain call
☆: round (Eisaku Yoshida, Hikaru asami and ogura hisahiro)

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