Musical company its for lies
The miracle of namah grocery store

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"Consultations regarding leave, namah grocery store".
the shop "ayami solutions store" and was called.
" namah " " naimi " and continued returns every polite answers! do owner riding in any consultation to children make mistakes on purpose, and when namah grocery store became popular children.

one day after 33 years, the grocery store closed, on the Internet "overnight revival as long as" it was announced.
like, that night, three young men were abandoned grocery store comes creeping. It's Sneak Thieves work so as to society soon produced came to seek refuge here.

that night night of miracles and not knowing anything.

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Mogi Sha / / Ryuji / Otsuka Yosuke / pond tawa / Zhongshan Kei / Yoshida Yuji Mori / Mizutani Kei look / Ayako Suzuki / other musical company its for lies


Story: higashino Shingo / screenplay and lyrics by: Hiroshi Otani, Michiko, Director: Judy Akihiro music: Ozawa: history / art: negoro Misaki / lighting: Senda Minoru (CHIDA OFFICE) / sound: 返町 Yoshiyasu (can bit) / stage director: on Levee / costumes: Mogi Satsuki (itzfalliers) / choreography: Ikeda sum (itzfalliers) / vocal training: Nakayama Keiichi (itzfalliers) / producer: Akira wing Miki (itzfalliers), Tsuchiya Yukiko (itzfalliers) organized, planning, production: musical companyitzfalliers / Sponsored by: Corporation-all staff


2017/5/17 (Wed) 〜2017/5/21 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
5/17 (Wednesday) 19:00
5/18 (Thursday) 19:00
5/19 (Friday) 14:00
each 2 to 4 people total 10 name

* doors open is starting 30 minutes before

2 hours
* Show times are approximate. You may fluctuate due to

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Organizations Overview

"Look, the star of the night" "Palm Sun" known compositions, such as "yoake no scat" worldly strain want to, was founded in 0/1977 (1977) as the troupe specializes in musical theatre. Ranging from children to adults and staged a musical for the ages, and has gained a good reputation.


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