Atriejosino 20th anniversary concert
[Don Quixote] all acts Iwaki Ballet Company / [the wizard of Oz] ballet to dream


Performance content

? Iwaki Ballet Company "Don Quixote" all act
artistic director: koujirou Yukie (Iwaki Ballet Company artistic director)
cast: MISA kuranaga (Boston Ballet principal), Nozomu Haga, Iwaki Ballet Company,
audition applicants

? dream ballet to the wizard of Oz"
* atriejosino It is a first wedding eye performance of all acts series new costumes!
configuration and directed and choreographed / Keiko Mizutani (live Revue stage 62 beautiful Ridge Tsukushi)
cast: Yuya Kawaguchi (guest), ballet to dream

Boston Ballet and performing
for welcoming the principal kuranaga MISA, a superb reception, please!
our visitors and forward looking forward.

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[Don Quixote]: MISA kuranaga (Boston Ballet principal), Haga hoping, Iwaki Ballet Company audition candidates / [the wizard of Oz]: Kawaguchi, Yuya (guest), ballet to dream


[Don Quixote] koujirou Yukie (Iwaki Ballet Company artistic director): Art Director / [the wizard of Oz: concept / direction / choreography: Keiko Mizutani (Takarazuka Revue stage 62 raw beauty Ridge Tsukushi)


2017/9/18 (Mon)

9/18 (Mon. / holiday) open 14:30 and start 15:00

Ticket Fee

S-seats: 12000 yen:
a: 10000 Yen:
B seats 6000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Teatro Giglio Showa


* Please refrain from entering the room of the children under 5 years. cast might change due to

and unavoidable circumstances. of the ticket price unless canceled,
once ask whats the rebate offer cannot be so please note.
-curtain during photographing, recording, recording and mobile phone use is strictly prohibited.
and that restrictions on the admission of the concert in May.    
and will be voided and detach the stub ago entry.

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