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'Š™’ห said, employers in the belly"


Performance content

stage version "screwball comedy" as "Chuck Š™’ห said,',", Mr. Š™’ห scoop'
"Š™’ห said, it's the last four series.
This is murder! Poirot regards,
Š™’ห is challenging a case!

"definitely identify the culprit, let's look. the
we, with no clue. "


families and cotton alley House brewery naochika Duke substantial short-tempered.
lacks any servant. So finally the perfect Butler Š™’ห Akashi come into play.
the Akashi. Not to read the minions working Buri, yells to the Duke.
has the tital daughter absorbed in detective stories in that Duke. for
Akashi than naochika master of this tital is too cumbersome.
she was falling asleep several times during the day an idiosyncrasy. among those entering the
House in Chitalu's maternal uncle, the demon of hospital yasaburo Earl.
invective, to everyone's dicks. To Duke because of the untimely death of my sister (mother of chital), hate. Chitalu was a hated uncle.
one day, cotton alley home to major events occur.
naochika Duke in the warehouse of the House remains, found in.
the bodies back deep sticking knife, murder is clear.

This means that a complete closed room murders was found at that time, to the door of the room and takes a key from the inside, but in.
the police end up throwing the spoon now has rash and Detective daughter tital,
then the perfect Butler Š™’ห can't silence that Akashi. Thus begins an investigation into the two
. The suspect is of course yasaburo Earl.
Akashi and chital are lesser counts of crime evidence, while seeking the cooperation ‘พ“c‘ใ temari-Mao Lu Yoshimi
gardeners to plants to blight soon and at the same time can't two
Cook maid for House in Chevy.
yasaburo Earl knew, on the other hand, put on their charges and instruct,
Squire USA smithy Akashi and interfere with the investigation of tital. to search
Akashi and Chitalu said, many times, without it becoming, becoming closer to the core.@
play locked room murder mystery solved? Who's the real culprit?

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Miyake, Castle / Nikaido Fumi and Majima Hidekazu / yatabe, and Tamaki Takashi Tadashi / stoop Camellia / ohori Koichi


Written and directed by: Hiroaki kuramochi


2017/8/5 (Sat) `2017/8/27 (Sun)

8/5 (Saturday) 15:00
8/6 (Sunday) 14:00
8/8 (Tuesday) 19:00
8/9 (Wednesday) 14:00
8/10 (Thursday) 14:00
8/11 (Fri / Mon) 14:00
8/12 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
8/13 (Sunday) 14:00
8/15 (Tuesday) 19:00
8/16 (Wednesday) 14:00
8/17 (Thursday) 14:00
8/18 (Friday) 19:00
8/19 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
8/20 (Sunday) 14:00
8/22 (Tuesday) 19:00
8/23 (Wednesday) 14:00-/ 19:00-
8/24 (Thursday) 14:00
8/25 (Friday) 19:00
8/26 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
8/27 (Sunday) 14:00

* opening, starting 30 minutes before is.
-: 8/23 (Wednesday) 14:00 / 19:00 performances for the audience in camera goes. Please be forewarned.

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All seats reserved: 7000 yen (tax included / Adv.)
+ Ticketing Fee


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* In the preschool admission non-
* wheelchair visitors will visit Theatre, 3 days prior to contact please contact. Inc.:

contact M & Oplays 03-6427-9486 (flat, 11:00-18:00)

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