Theater-chocolate cake
28 performance "60's Elegy"


Performance content

Income doubling plan, labour market, new-home appliance three sacred treasures, and Asia's first Olympics Tokyo Olympiad'
now half-rich age
dating back centuries in the 1960's, high economic growth period
history, most Japanese people's lives changed more and more behind the rising of various his mind useful Japan Society
Japanese at that time is what you desire, I lost what? people who live close by to
Tokyo shitamachi area of factory 60's

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Shinji ASAI (troupe chocolate cake) / Atsushi Okamoto (troupe chocolate cake) / Yuki Nishio (troupe chocolate cake) / forest Dragon-3 Hibino line (FunIQ / gekidan ajar) / Hideyuki Adachi / Urata Earth (nanairo space) / Kurihara Takashi order / SATO Miyuki / voice cast: Takahashi choei


Screenplay: Furukawa Takeshi (troupe chocolate cake) / Director: Yusuke “๚เV (troupe chocolate cake)


2017/5/3 (Wed) `2017/5/21 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
5/7 (Sunday) 19:00 Ÿ
5/10 (Wednesday) 19:00
5/11 (Thursday) 19:00
5/12 (Friday) 19:00
5/13 (Saturday) 19:00
5/14 (Sunday) 19:00

Ÿ: first half percent vs. elephant performances
* Tickets will be distributed starting 40 minutes ago.
* doors open at least half an hour ago.

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