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"Prince of stride THE LIVE STAGE" episode 3

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At last stage of the "Prince of stride" has been started from the Visual novel, game planning, and the drama CD, komikaraizu, TV animation and media development! run

casting stage and in the audience seats crammed with the fly!
please cast their coaching professional Parkour action! the force of an overwhelming LIVE can be expressed from a
stage. And the wind blowing through the audience.
This is a real stride! stage Edition

all four parts drawn in "Prince-of-stride'.
the final episode and Episode 4 will be staged in the 8/2017 fit in the original calendar. Until the end, don't miss!

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Episode 3“o at school [more South Campus]: isaki ryujiro, insert wooden staff, Misaki Momose, Kumagai sakigake who, Takuya Kishimoto, Shiraishi, Kosuke, Yusuke Arai, mizukoshi morning bow, Ayu Fish River Sun / West stars schoolz Kobayakawa, Daisuke, Ryo Kobayashi, Matsumoto Hinata, Hiroki Nakata, Tanaka, t., Mihara Hiroki / [mitsuhashi high school]: kanegae Kou, Kageyama Tatsuya, recommends Shu Ji Ling Mong, takuto Nakajima, t. Sawada, Masafumi Yokoyama / [Ichijo high school]: Tsuneo Murata, Valley Yoshiki, Ken Tanabe, Funaki Masahide, ˆขฃ์ Kenta, Matsumoto YUI / [kakyoin Academy High School]: Kitamura Ken, ZžŠ Ken taro wilderness Masaaki ‰–Œ๛, ryohei, Naoyuki Maruyama, Noriyuki Ohashi, Y?ki Masuda / [ OTHER]: Lin Shuji


Planning and original design works: Sogabe Shuji (FiFS) and character design of kanako (FiFS) / logo design: Tomoyuki “เŒรŠี (CHProduction) / original work produced by blitz Girl ' sStyle: matsuzaki Fumiya / screenplay: katsuragi h. / Parkour coaching and directed by: HAYATE


2017/6/17 (Sat) `2017/6/25 (Sun)


- 6/17 (Saturday)
18:00-(who South one year ending / Yagami land Fujiwara Takashi cherry Kasai people),
6/18 (Sunday)
13:00 ~ (Kamoda, Kamoda brothers ending / and kamota gift)
18:00-(all Ichijo Hall ending) * Ichijo Hall all in the round
and 6/19 (Monday)
14:00 ~ (mitsuhashi outro) * mitsuhashi all round
6/20 (Tuesday)
18:30-(West stars 1-2 years ending / Seno, and mayuzumi asuma, Okumura Maple),
6/21 (Wednesday) and
6/22 (Thursday)
13:30 ~ (all West stars ending) * Western star all of round
18:30-(West-star three years ending / Suwa, Reiji, mayuzumi shizuma, Chiyomatsu mantar?),
6/23 (Friday)
14:00 ~ (all flower capital Academy ending) * flower capital Academy all of round
6/24 (Saturday)
13:00 ~ (towards South 2-3 years ending / Kohinata hozumi, kadowaki step, hasekura Heath, kuga, Kyosuke)
18:00 ~ (Yagami brothers ending / land Yagami, Yagami Tomoe),
6/25 (Sunday)
15:00 ~ (who all South ending)

* This performance is after the story ends there, "daily bonus ending". Please enjoy the daily ending
a variety of combinations.
* time table in () is the name and school name
is the name of a character in the bonus ending. ranging from
* bonus ending to the stage this is all show the same content.
characters are the same.
* 6/18 18:00-the times, 19, 14:00-of times, 22, 13:30-of times,
23, 14:00-of times, 24, 13:00-of.
schools of the cast appeared all round show times.

Ticket Fee

1st floor seats (Adv): 7800 Yen
second floor seating (advance): 6000 yen (tax included)
* Tokyo performances can't play in the audience seats, on the first floor on the second floor.
please beforehand.

* Tokyo and Osaka performances both on the first day first day discount on all seats 1000 yen discount.

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