Warabi-za theater
Fancy favor sing and dance song accompanied by samisen music theatre (myuujikaru)


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100 years from now, I think people to foresee the 200 years that
is now required. − to hiraga gennai.  

at about the middle of the Edo period, where's freak show of Edo period Japan.  Student index t. (after the Shiba kokan), apprentice artist, odano, completed the world electricity generation equipment elekiter
Takamatsu, SHIDO Pudong has produced rare genius and hiraga gennai, but produce a spark, there is also what you started making elekitershaw from warlords (has been Scouting in Akita),.  listen to convince to stop ridiculous spectacle is Dutch, sugita genpaku reverie
once said of a feat of kaitai shinsho"translation, but still chasing the dream of reach.
it manages her daughter to the freak show that was sold to the yoshiwara, 1000 world. Yoshikawa Kojiro's free-spirited way of life, then I start dreaming.
at Edo's. Wasn't age be allowed to dream about people.... through

hiraga gennai
now Kagawa Prefecture sanuki-Shi Zhi was born in. In the Edo naturalists, writers, artists, potters, inventors, displayed her talents in all areas. In satake yoshiatsu of the Akita clan was invited to the 0/1773 (1773), innai and ANI h. Silver from copper production coaching silver aperture and try zinc refinery in the numadate mountains. Also Lord satake dawn mountain, Akita feudal odano Naoki Takeshi tell Orchid painting techniques.

odano Naoki Takeshi
now Akita Prefecture senboku city kakunodate-born. 1773, hiraga gennai for mine development guidance visit Akita clan meets Naoki Takeshi. In the Edo period of Western painting, drawing kaitai 附図 gennai. Naoki Takeshi affected also, kokan Shiba and known.

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Hiraga gennai: AOI Mieno / Takehiro Koyama /? / Ebisu bridge truly foster dare / m. Uchida Takayuki / Watanabe Yuko Maruyama k. Takita (Gate Theatre) / Kobayashi Tin / Daisuke Saito / Stallion Okabe (straw) / Kubodera CC / Aiko Yamada


Ann made / author and Director: yokouchi Kensuke / music: Fukazawa Keiko / choreography: lucky Ikeda, Eli


2017/7/21 (Fri)

7/21 (Friday) 18:30

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S-seats: 6000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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Kawaguchi Lilia Hall main hall


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