Trap [KAME and kameari lirio Hall concert]


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is your wife and that was a woman.
cleverly orchestrated and strung the trap. To seize a thrilling development. Exactly who is the culprit?
six men and women love the bargain. The truth is where? … Deep darkness of the case marks the end of the jaw-dropping!

is a masterpiece of suspense Sheena France dramatist, Robert Thomas in 1960.
Japan also staged a sweat to get to interact with gripping, surprise ending, but became popular
everytime and theatregoers have repartee.
characters only only 6 people, everyone is suspicious, nobody is telling the truth in the
murder cases concerning the questioning continues of drifting 二転三転 the tension lines (testimony), showcases the breathless expansion with a breath until the arrest of
half brought back France drama was written more than a century ago and is electrifying, one of the best classics! events in

and a cottage. 3 months
honeymoon couple were visiting for a vacation, his wife Elisabeth missing unknown becomes.
husband Daniel to ask, simple Inspector search is hard to find. Elisabeth will be back, accompanied by father Maximin to
there was someone else entirely! just argue with the wife and violently resist the
Daniel, circumstantial evidence no matter what she showed up again, this wife must be one.
witnesses appeared drawing and nurses and larger vortex of trouble, but finally develops into murder.
become Elisabeth who is lying or not who is right, or what?
Finally, from an unexpected situation surprising truth is revealed.

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Kato sum Hiroki / Shiraishi Miho / Watanabe h. / first wind green / Yamaguchi umaki t. / michitaka tsutsui


By: Robert Thomas / Director: Kenta fukasaku


2017/7/13 (Thu)

7/13 (Thursday) 15:00

* doors open is starting 30 minutes before.

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All seats reserved: 8000 yen (tax included)

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Turtle and kameari lirio Hall


* Please refrain from preschool children.

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