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New! "sky line" Fuji view!

New! "sky line" King Gojong step less sent from the received comments!

New! "sky lines" Michiko Nagai!

New! "sky lines" near doyusha Yoshimoto's comments here!

New! "sky lines" Furuya, weight got from comments here!
New! "sky lines" Junko Uchida comments here!

New! "sky lines" Nakanishi Ryosuke weight got from comments here!

determine the main cast! the story of
body sold to girls and boys to try to save it. Drink breath while floating in a circular space, hyper heavily spoken drama.

Allen suwaru starter. problems by uncovering
people with good intentions.
5 months raising an army at Kichijoji theater.

was in coal mining town.
large machinery, such as majestic towers do not understand old buildings is something.
lime smell and white dust, and hope for people caught dust dispersal kept digging a hole.
in its workings, the girl was born. for
poor families it was not desired life.
Audio-Technica, owner of the colliery and ’u‰ฎ one day, she brought was that 10-year-old girl.

"ichika is. I don't know anything. Please tell me things. "

girl has issued the words taught.
coal miners to pay, comforting themselves with the girl.
the girl meets the son of Audio-Technica Hiroto.
going to the world I know ichika is reading his story through.
Hiroto go know their beliefs with her through. that boy wants to break the girls accept
fate and destiny, where finding answers would do...

"lonely is the adult's. For someone so close to seek. But children need no such a thing.
it's not who you know from '

s and Allen suwaru? "
Theatre Allen Theatre (Allen suwaru) is a passively accept the big flow, trapped under the era of no human beings. Seeks to express the identity of the unsaturated ones born from the interaction of the people born in the space, thought,. Us is a shortage of electricity carbon aggregates (unsaturated compounds /allene) that's why troupe aiming for mutual support and all people, join, the hypersensitivity reaction, shining thrilling fragile and uncertain people through hard work they do.

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Wisteria rice field wealth / King Gojong step less and Mariko Nagai near doyusha Eva Gil Ryuta Furuya / HA NAE Yuki Yuki (Allen suwaru) / Kurita of Musashi (Allen suwaru) / puguang hospital, Hiroyuki (Allen suwaru) / Uchida Junko and Nakanishi y. Keita


Director / screenwriter: Suzuki Mami / art: Sugiyama Yoshitaka (youth, ˜ZŽฺ Hall) / lighting: Shigeo Saito (theatrecreation) / costumes: yaegashi, ripening and stage director: Yusuke Claymore, Fujioka s. / image: urashima Keisuke (colore) / audio: Kawanishi Shuichi / music: Jade (March records) / makeup: Fujimoto-Li / advertising art: Allen, ogura Mio / photographer: Shunsuke Watanabe / crash Visual: Kimura, Kentaro / production: West first, and production cooperation: Shimazaki wings / cooperation: fiction theatre company, the third-stage / Organizer / production: co., Ltd. Allen


2017/5/18 (Thu) `2017/5/29 (Mon)

5/18 (Thursday) 19:00
5/19 (Friday) 19:00 š
5/20 (Saturday) 14:00 š / 19:00
5/21 (Sunday) 13:00 š / 18:00
5/22 (Monday) 14:00 š / 19:00
5/24 (Wednesday) 14:00 / 19:00
5/25 (Thursday) 14:00 š / 19:00
5/26 ( Gold) 14:00 š / 19:00
5/27 (Saturday) 14:00 š / 19:00
5/28 (Sunday) 19:00
5/29 (Monday) 15:00

š: round,
™: Sino-Japanese all greetings with

* all performances, opening hours, starting 30 minutes before. Things will be vending sales, lobby doors open 1 hour before. Currently round to expect special repeaters, etc.

s empty line Repeater benefits
three theater : can specify the eyes of actors like in your eyes our message with colored paper (autographed)
* venue.
6th play : 9 stage art cast group portrait (2 L size, photo frame)
play : documents signed with script (cast all sine)
* repeat Award for more information please check Q & a.


Ticket Fee

General seats (Adv): 5500 Yen
Kichijoji Temple theater seats (B's) (advance): 4500 Yen
S premium seat (Adv): 7000 Yen *
(tax included)

* luxury two major benefits: for sale sky line performers photo collection & empty line limited postcard 3 (A set of orB) with the set! (Differ in content and sales brochures)
* benefits are benefits in Exchange for Office day will be delivered.
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