Mlada of Prague project
Summer, summer, Requiem
Giuseppe Verdi "Requiem"

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Performance content

along with the sound of the Bugle drenched to deliver deep prayer. speaking of
summer Obon. Loved one gone thought by season.
from Requiem. Cannot listen to other
choir and Orchestra composer and conductor who gathered as "Merry companions' to a
Nakajima Yoshifumi Verdi played with
peace prayer. other

Verdi "Requiem"

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Soprano: ishigami Tomomi / mezzo soprano-Tomoko / tenor: Takahashi Atsushi / bus: Aoyama Takashi / Orchestra: YN Orchestra us "pleasant companion" (concert master Ito Ryotaro) / chorus: Chorus YN "Jolly fellow", (Grand choral conductor: Yoshifumi, Suzuki, Kobayashi) conductor: Yoshifumi Nakashima


Sponsored by: YN Verdi Requiem run Committee / [production]: Mlada of Prague project


2017/8/13 (Sun)

* performance time approximately 1 hour 40 minutes without

Ticket Fee

S seat & gt (General): 5000 yen, (student): 2500 Yen
a: (General): 4000 yen (student): 2000 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Metropolitan art space


Organizations Overview

Love the music from both career and taste various gathered together much like who were drawn to the huge magnet of Yoshifumi Nakashima, two years ago, achieved a "Nutcracker" performances at the Tokyo Metropolitan art space. This summer, facing the Verdi "Requiem, character filled with Nakajima, yoshihumi wit and unique and powerful music-making will be drawn out, before one is aware of friends.


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