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In the 1980s, Adelaide, Australia; the story of Clint made
primary school admissions, Theo and Rep.
Clint fatherless family, Clint
I want to be with her lover but not interesting.
Theo's family's immigrant family from Greece. trying to survive in the words not
-Rep is a refugee from Cambodia.
sister Noi and only two arrived in the
Immigration Bureau take care! all

the 5-year-old children they are in front of the entrance of the new world anxiety and chaos of that in.
many sketches revealed that people with stories
5 years of age contact and conflict and become parent, Mrs. Walsh, new friendships...

strong but DAVID HOLMAN of drama. while switching helps 5-year-old children and adults helps parents and teachers, such as
each actor plays. It is scary work for
actors interesting and at the same time.

* cast is double-cast for everyone will be appeared in all performances.
(sekido, one only, starring only the koala team. ) there is a
* cast is subject to change due to circumstances. Please be forewarned.

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Clint & Joker: Yoshiki (Koala team) trees, rocks? Univ. (Kangaroo team) / Rep & Theo's mother: Usami FAI (Koala team), Shinya Matsumoto (Kangaroo team) / Teo & Brennan Dr. Kasahara Hiroshi husband (Koala team), funato, Bachelor (Kangaroo team) / Neu & Walsh Professor Hirokazu sekido (Koala team), Ogata Kazuya (Kangaroo team) / Maki shin'ichi / kounakabaru h. / Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Shingo / Chiba Ken kuga Eguchi Shohei Yoshinari Awards people / Fujiwara Hiroshi children


By: DAVID HOLMAN / play script, Director: Kurata Atsushi


2017/6/15 (Thu) 〜2017/7/2 (Sun)

6/15 (Thursday) 19:00 !
6/16 (Friday) 19:00 !
6/17 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
6/18 (Sunday) 13:00
6/19 (Monday) 19:00 -
6/20 (Tuesday) 19:00 -
6/21 (Wednesday) 19:00 [49]
6/22 (Thursday) 14:00 [49] / 19:00
6/24 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
6/25 (Sunday) 13:00
6/26 (Monday) 19:00 -
6/27 (Tuesday) 14:00 -/ 19:00 -
6/28 (Wednesday) 19:00 [49]
6/29 (Thursday) 14:00 -/ 19:00 [
7/1 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00 !
7/2 (Sunday) 13:00 !

koala team and kangaroo team double-cast performances will be.
☆=after the concert stage greeting of
-= after the concert, talk with
[49]=longue stage as General club LIFE member with special price 4900 Yen becomes. (Students, 3000 yen)
[= after the concert, photo sessions with
-= visitors present have

* doors open will start 30 minutes ago. (Registration will be from starting 60 minutes before. )

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 5800 Yen
longue stage: 4900 Yen
(all tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


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