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with the Red Bull Air race? is officially recognized by the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) precision of piloting skills, intelligence, strength, and spirit to the best top speed of 370 km/h, maximum acceleration due to gravity G 10 in flight technology
world's best race pilots who compete for time, the ultimate three-dimensional motor sport. Season in Chiba for three consecutive years and first world eight rounds, including San Diego and being held in Russia, Kazan, the perform. in

2016 fiscal year Chiba mobilized over 90000 people in two days. In all over the world through TV, magazine and Internet 100 million people more than units delivered to the excitement.

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2017/6/3 (Sat) 〜2017/6/4 (Sun)

[Qualifying] 6/3 (Saturday) opening 10:00 (to be) and at the start 13:00 (planned) and at the end 16:00 (tentative)
[final] 6/4 (Sunday) doors 10:00 (to be) and at the start 13:00 (planned) and at the end 16:00 (will) decide to implement
* course condition by

Ticket Fee

[Two days ticket] general area: 18000 yen (qualifying-single day tickets)
general area: 8000 yen (final-single day tickets)
general area (A): 12000 yen
(all prices are tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Chiba prefectural Makuhari Seaside Park


* Event of the day will stop during qualifying and finals held conducted test flights, and including the flight did not.
* flight schedule postponed etc., please note that part if a flight is not cancelled.

◆ if the cancelled ticket refunds
[held on Saturday and Sunday was called off when]
final was canceled, 5th race day (single day tickets) refund only. 2 day pass refund is not.
[if the aborted Saturday and Sunday was held]
qualifying was called off when the 4th qualifying day (single day tickets) only refunds. 2 day pass refund is not.
[for two days on Saturday and Sunday was called off when:
2 day pass and will refund all tickets for qualifying day tickets, and final, single day tickets.
Please note the refund if the refund instructions let you on. to
refund ticket is required. If you've lost cannot be refunded. Please review official HP

for more information and FAQ.

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