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465 Festival 2017 on Russia culture of Nikkei Muse salon in JAPAN
Poems of love, love from Russia

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In the Opera House at Mariinsky Theatre internationally active as a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre singer and pianist, the
the conductor Valery Gergiev, led by world's leading to product
, soprano singer Nakamura moritaka hovers over the play.
up-and-coming soloist of the theatre, she becomes a bridge between singer and pianist welcome
the show without its charm. Splendor of elegant examination of Russia and the poem, gorgeous melodies accompanied by high-quality music, full of Russian Opera passion

inspiring will call.

Rimsky-Korsakov (A. K. Tolstoy) / "hibari's singing voice is ringing in the" Opus 43-1 (Sop), "winds from the heights dancing in the wind, not like the work 43-2 (Sop.)
Rimsky-Korsakov (FET) /
"incense I not showy Corollas of you" work 43-3 (Sop.)
Tchaikovsky (Goethe) and
is only "just longing to know what" work 6-6 (Bar.)
Tchaikovsky (Heine) /
"why? "Works 60-9 (Bar.),"Don Juan's Serenade"works 38-1(ten.)≪Bir /> Tchaikovsky (aprkhtin) /
"so soon forget"(Ten.)
Rachmaninov (Galina) and
"here is great..." works 21-7(Sop.)
Rachmaninov (Pushkin) /
see singing, beautiful thing in front of me "works 14-9 (Bar.)
Rachmaninov (Tyutchev) /
'spring water' works 14-11 (Sop), "gone where?, are the days of your youth" (from Ten.)
Tchaikovsky /
Opera "Yevgeny Onegin" Lensky's ARIA (Ten.)
Rimsky-Korsakov /
Opera "Satoko--" than India merchant's aria "India song" (Ten),
Opera snow maiden Snow Maiden's aria in "picking wild strawberries with a girl friend" (Sop.)
Tchaikovsky /
Opera "Princess iolanta" than iolanthe's aria "I wonder why I did not know of? "(Sop),
Roberto Arias" will not be done to compare! "(Bar),
Jolanta and VO demon Duet" is I do not know your silence. -Light, and what wonder! "(Sop. & Ten.)

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Hatsue Nakamura (soprano) / Carlos D'Onofrio (tenor) and Mikhail Gavrilov (baritone) / Ekaterina venchikova (piano)


Organizer: Japan economic newspaper / sponsored by: Fujitsu Limited


2017/10/5 (Thu)

10/5 (Monday) 18:30 start
* duration 2 hours

Ticket Fee

All seats are reserved seating (General): 3800 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Nikkei Hall


* Pre-school is prohibited.
* there are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances cast, songs, etc. Please be forewarned.

Organizations Overview

-Dream by the Mariinsky Theatre soloists soprano Nakamura first, linked Russia's Mariinsky Theatre and a budding and coming in Murakami, Niigata! -
appearance=first Megumi Nakamura (soprano), Carlos D'Onofrio Opera (tenor), Mikhail Gavrilov (baritone), founded in the historic town of St. Petersburg in 1783 Ekaterina venchikova (piano)

Russia cultural origin, Czarist Russia era, now leading the world in the Mariinsky Theatre. Work up at the theatre led by conductor Valery Gergiev played the soprano singer Nakamura first, WebOS, Murakami, Niigata's dream come true! Internationally active as a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre up and coming young singer and pianist at the charm without showing off. Call the inspiring splendor of graceful melody of ornate melodies accompanied by high-quality music, full of passion for Russian opera, song of Russia and its poetry. A spectacular feast of art fall increased expectations.

first Megumi Nakamura (soprano) Hatsue Nakamura
Tokyo Music University vocal graduated from the Mariinsky Theatre exclusive training and Research Institute (tetsya Georgieva). Yelena obraztsova international opera competition and many international competition awards. Petersburg City Arts Foundation awarded the musicians of our city. Carlos Donofrio 1

Carlos Donofrio (tenor):
colon arts training center after completing the major theatre of Argentina guest appearances. In 2009, he was soloist of Mariinsky Theatre exclusive. 2010 recordings of conductor Valery Gergiev "Don Quixote" to participate as Rodriguez. Michail1 Gavrilov

Mikhail Gavrilov (baritone):
St. Petersburg National Superieur de musique, graduated from Russia national education Herzen University of Music Research Institute President. Many winning international opera competition. Mariinsky Theatre, as well as the Metropolitan Opera and performed, internationally. Mariinsky Theatre Japan performed Prokofiev "three Orange love ' 2008 Bethesda.

Ekaterina venchikova (piano) EkaterinaVenchikova:
St. Petersburg National Superieur de musique. In 2004, from the Mariinsky Theater pianist, colepetitua. Gergiev's theater and engage in major performances by various commanders, contribute to the leap of the theatre. Also played with Jose Carreras.


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