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what the "mizusaki Mai' being struck by lightning during their trip to
eyes open and there is in the midst of change of the instinct Temple.
"or I'm not going to a woman who, you? "
lives saved by Oda Nobunaga had liked dance is to serve beside him. Mai began to live in Nobunaga's Castle, Azuchi Castle, surrounded by historical samurai warlords
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Masamune date and Ishida Mitsunari......
. Samurai life began abruptly

--cannot become familiar with
holy war inside find a masterminding Nobunaga hit yourself in the honnoji Temple, Mai had frustrating days.
Mai one day, got out of the Castle, helped one young person who was attacked by pirates so far.
-his name is "happy". I hope I do not suffer from
people in the game was often arguing
at first, but gradually drawn to the happy, friendly dance.
--he is unwittingly and nemesis of ODA Nobunaga Yukimura Sanada. never go out if you have

time, didn't we meet two
eventful love now, opening the curtain--!

™ night performances only crush mini-event "adult handsome Samurai" held decision!
see handsome Samurai THE STAGE-Sanada Yukimura version ~ "evening performances held mini-events"grown-up handsome Samurai". (4/23 (Sunday) 17 times, except)
warlords events limited is a sweet Word to bring you special events more exciting.
or how warlords appeared to enjoy the day!
visitors look forward to.

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Konuma / Ogasawara Ken / ์‹๗ beauty, / Tachibana Dragon circle / Toshiyuki Koichi / Seto yuusuke / Amano, Takashi / Sugiyama Masahiro / Kuroda ayumu and WADA General Yugo / Tanaka Nachi zaizen Yuichi fukuchi, Shintaro / Hiroki Kudo / Ryo Serizawa and Okamoto Yusuke / Masaru Ueda age-old / m. Midorikawa / saotome George namahage / Saki Yoshino, Kaori


Story: CYBIRD "handsome Samurai Ÿ time love" and writer-director: Miyagi Yang Liang


2017/4/19 (Wed) `2017/4/23 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
4/19 (Wednesday) 19:00
4/20 (Thursday) 19:00
4/21 (Friday) 19:00

* the above three stages a mini-event "grown-up handsome Samurai".
* lobby doors open will show 60 minutes. Theater doors open 30 minutes before.

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arrival only! all seats reserved: 7800 yen จ [specify seat voucher] confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! j
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* on the day of the concert begins 60 minutes ago reception with reserved-seat ticket and exchange for please. If you are in the
-seat. Please be forewarned. Please refrain from

* pre-school.
* start time as Director on the seat guide not hours.
* other considerations official site .

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