Stage version "Tower of psychic detective Yakumo judgment' [Osaka]


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the third stage of psychic detective Yakumo ANOTHER FILES
long-awaited series!

Haruka is killer--?
you can believe her? Yakumo
red is reflected in the eyes of truth--

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Saitou Yakumo Kubota Hidetoshi / Ozawa Haruka: Miyama age love / Sakurai Yoshiki: suiseki Sanya fly dream / Nishizawa moisturizing,: kitazono Suzumiya / SEO Minoru: Tanaka Ryo-star / Hijikata Makoto: Chieko Higuchi child / Koike kanae: Miho Imamura / Onda shusuke: Ishizaka Yong / yutaro Ishii: Sano tree / Onodera: OH-SE (blitz Qomolangma expedition) and goto Japanese interest: Hiroki t?chi / other


Story: Manabu kaminaga (published by Kadokawa Shoten, series co., KADOKAWA, see psychic detective Yakumo") and screenwriter: Manabu kaminaga, marumo laps / Director: Masami Ito (bpm / Susumu of dream life Classics)


2017/6/16 (Fri) 〜2017/6/18 (Sun)

6/16 (Friday) 19:00
6/17 (Saturday) 13:00 / 17:00
6/18 (Sunday) 13:00 / 17:00
* opened the show 60 minutes.

Ticket Fee

S seat ¥ 9800 * bonus w / forward area
A seat 6800 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Osaka Business Park Hall


* Preschool children with non-
* cast of visitors and schedule can be changed without prior notice.
* cancellation / change and refund non-stop performances cannot.
* commercial ticket purchase, sale and resale activity is strictly prohibited. There is a place hard to see in some parts of the stage depending on the
* seats in place. tickets purchased from a
* minors, always with the consent of their parents or guardians visit.
* performances on the day of the shoot and pattern in the theater, broadcasting or distribution, replication distribution.
* wheelchair passengers after ticket purchase in advance nelke planning [03-3715-5624 (flat, 11:00-18:00)] to please contact us.

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