For the new national theatre children's Ballet Theatre
Ballet "Shirayuki-Hime"


Performance content

"Shirayuki Hime, 'Cinderella', 'Swan Lake' staged as a repertory piece in order to provide to the children who will lead the next generation at the new National Theatre Ballet art experience and carried out"for the new national theatre children's Ballet Theater"in 2009, until today. We made up as Shirayuki Princess, this time presenting the homonymous work of Grimm's fairy tales and the original easy to understand even for the younger age groups to watch the Ballet for the first time. Also stage which is danced by the new national theatre ballet dancer is confident, can recommend to your family as well as the children, adults and 10-minute spectacular Ballet appreciation debut with production. the

reflections Shirayuki Hime a very beautiful Princess. Weaver also believes her stepmother queen (witch) is my most beautiful in the world, with her magic mirror tell me so happy. Beautiful mature Shirayuki Hime met the Prince of a neighboring country, who falls in love with. One day Queen's magic mirror "is the world's most beautiful woman? "And hear, and Shirayuki tells the Princess that answer came back, Queen rage too, Hunter Shirayuki Hime in the forest took to kill. But Huntsman and Princess took pity upon her 殺sezu, set in the Woods instead of to the left. Princess in the forest live online dating and the seven dwarves. However, Queen's magic mirror "is the most beautiful in the world? "And you can order asked the mirror answered"Shirayuki-Hime"Princess is still alive. Queen tries several times to kill the Princess will fail. And now I make a poison Apple, Apple sold disguised Princess to eat would be fallen Princess. Dwarves at sorrow Princess is dead, and the Princess into a coffin of glass every morning and every night praying, runs three years. Ask the dwarves who went into the coffin, and when that Prince walks there when it was alive with beautiful Shirayuki Hime, but they decline it. Both the scramble of the coffin, as Princess rolling fall from inside the coffin. At that moment Princess spitting pieces of Apple was stuck in my throat, breathed happily connects the two.

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[3 月 23 日 (Thursday) 11:30] [7/30 (Sunday) 15:00]: YUI Yonezawa (Shirayuki-hime), izawa Hayao (Rex (Prince)) / [7/27 (Thursday) 15:00] [7/30 (Sunday) 11:30]: Shibayama gauze sails (Shirayuki-hime), Watanabe Takashi IKU (Rex (Prince)) / [7/28 (Friday) 11:30] [7/29 (Saturday) 15:00]: risako Ikeda (Shirayuki-hime), Okumura Yasuhiro (Rex (Prince)) / [7/28 (Friday) 15:00] [7/29 (Saturday) 11:30]: Kimura, Yuri (Shirayuki-hime), Watanabe Takashi IKU (Rex (Prince))



2017/7/27 (Thu) 〜2017/7/30 (Sun)

◆ all the (childcare services available)
7/27 (Thursday) 11:30 / 15:00
7/28 (Friday) 11:30 / 15:00
7/29 (Saturday) 11:30 / 15:00
7/30 (Sunday) 11:30 / 15:00

* approximate running time: 1 hour 25 minutes (including break)
* doors open is starting 30 minutes before. Starting after admission may be limited.
* greatly subject to change at a later date once again at the
official HP please.
formal show times please check the display just before the opening.

Ticket Fee

Adults (junior high school students and over): 3240 Yen
children (4-year-old from the 6th grade): 2160 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


New National Theatre Opera


* Please do not accompanied by children under 4 years old are admitted. Ask one single ticket children.
* walls, balusters, with part of the upper floor, the balcony seats stage is difficult to see. Please note that.
* canceled unless ticket changes and refunds are not.
* there are performers subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please be forewarned.

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