New national theatre 2016 / 2017 season play
JAPAN MEETS. -Delve into the history of modern drama-XII
"Anger and swell up.


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problem work
caused the movement of the "angry young men" "JAPAN MEETS. -Delve into the history of modern drama-"series of 12 bullets, 'anger swell up," John Osborne. In 1956, is the London Royal Court Theatre premiere. And working-class communities, was not taken in the United Kingdom plays up to it for the first time drew said. Its former glory even economic decline internationally and provoke the audience that vent frustration, anger, impatience to the British Empire of the fifties had been sluggish and caused social behavior in the name of "angry young men". and virtually indistinguishable from anything living illuminates the modern Japan by Mizutani hachiya Chiba Tetsuya
Director, working not only as an actor but also as a welcome and familiar with the theme of "our town" and "the Crucible" and the series GINTAMA new translation. the attic is

United Kingdom in central city. Jimmy was born in the poor underclass had continued friend wife Allison as the lower ranks from cliffs and strange life together of three people. Jimmy's values and order of politics, religion and any previous generation rage, irritation to the abominations from the middle class to live life, deceit and exploitation by wealthy wife Alison and cursing. It was a good Cliff gently soothe the Haggard, the brunt of the anger turned to Jimmy Allison.
visit room one day, Allison's friend Helena. Likes Helena to the plight took contact father Redfern Colonel Allison and Allison was persuaded back to my parents ' House.

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Nakamura TOMOYA / Nakamura Yuri Asari yousuke / Yoko mitsuya true, Hu, k.


Written by John Osborne and translation: Mizutani hachiya / Director: Tetsuya Chiba


2017/7/12 (Wed) `2017/7/30 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
7/13 (Thursday) 18:30
7/14 (Friday) 13:00
7/15 (Saturday) 13:00!
7/16 (Sunday) 13:00 childcare services available-friendly
7/17 ( Mon, national holiday) 13:00
7/19 (Wednesday) 13:00 š childcare services available-friendly
7/20 (Thursday) 13:00
7/21 (Friday) 18:30 childcare services available-friendly
7/22 (Saturday) 13:00 childcare services available-friendly
7/23 (Sunday) 13:00
7/24 (Monday) 13:00
7/26 (Wednesday) 13:00
7/27 (Thursday) 13:00
7/28 (Friday) 18:30
7/29 (Saturday) 13:00
7/29 (Saturday) 18:30

appointment duration: TBA (is an official before the opening official HP . )
* doors open is starting 30 minutes before. Starting after admission may be limited.

š new national theatre talk (admission free. However, if limited cardio) Yuri
date and time: 7/19 (Wednesday) tour ends after theater
cast: Tetsuya Chiba, Norihiro Nakamura, Nakamura, Yosuke Asari, Miyata Keiko
MC: Nakai beauty ear
admission: this concert tickets please.

™ monthly project (free admission. Application required)
Theatre Department "charm of the John Osbourne"
Re: 7/15 (Saturday) 18:00
venue: Theater
lecturer tanioka, Takehiko (Tokyo Industrial University liberal studies teaching faculty)
deadline: 4/6 (Thursday) ~ here .

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and may near the wall, railing, part of the upper floor, the balcony seats, stage and subtitles are difficult to see. Please note that. do not, unless
-canceled ticket changes and refunds.
and unavoidable circumstances performers subject to change. Please be forewarned.

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