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? performances: utilizing the age: while working as a member of a
DIAMOND favor DOGS, have, directing and choreography in various fields and activities, ", Shingo forest" building up a strong position.
sensibility of his spinning DIAMOND, his dance skills, poison, crazy beautiful world weave 綴re... dance cantabile. 8 women is passing the scene

forests Shingo with China and their dance performer creates the world of reality and fiction. fascination surrounds one man wish
lonely woman. and the passing
past to present to future.

forest new choreography, direction, on my own to Harada Kaoru, port or Yuri. new world is explored by inherently T-LYYLY got the inspiration from masterpieces have been fodder for
world music and a variety of dance styles.

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Forests Shingo / Umeda ayaka / Fujita, and Nishino name Nana / Yachiyo PSYCHE Hara Nagaoka miku Kayane bridge Akiko Fujimoto / fuuka Mai / Atsuko kinomura / Sarry / special guest: Higashiyama Yoshihisa (18 (Thursday) 19:00), Nagasawa wind sea (19 (Friday) 19:00), plants and Australia (20 (Saturday) 14:00), Higashiyama Yoshihisa (20 (Saturday) 18:00), Shingo Machida (21 (Sunday) 14:00)


Configuration and directed and choreographed: forests Shingo / music: T-LAYLA / choreography: Harada Kaoru, port, Show-hey, yurika


2017/5/18 (Thu) 〜2017/5/21 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
5/18 (Thursday) 19:00
5/19 (Friday) 19:00
each 6 to 14 name 20
* doors open, starting 30 minutes before is.
* special guest is. For more information, see corporate website.

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