Tokyu Theater AUB 5th anniversary concert
Broadway musical "Angel love song I (sister Act)"


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this fall, hit comedy film "Angel love song..." the musical's long-awaited return to Japan! Served in the film starring Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg's original production. The first tour of Japan in 2015 consecutive sold out happy! To celebrate the release of the movie 25th anniversary, that Blockbuster is so difficult!

Alan Menken sculpted a famous Disney works, such as "beauty and the beast"Aladdin"Little Mermaid song is powerful, catchy, and hearts of people who listen to rock music set. Story is a drama filled with spark familiar, Deloris unconventional Club singer in the film laughter and thrills! Is the power of friendship and the sister who makes his hero is growing strongly, personality and position in horror, music is the climax of a full-throttle again want to experience the best pleasure! in the heart to deliver non-

healthy people, who are working hard, everyone's super happy musical. 観naku this does not really begin!

Maverick Club singers witnessed the murder and to kill her lover gang fled to the monastery, but orderly life at all. Twink Chorus Choir, Deloris, nuns and between sprout friendship gradually from "training choir one day, too poor to improve! However, the rumor was arrives in the ears of the gang-.
Deloris, can successfully survive this crisis?!?
friendship campaign begins!

* live / English staged / Japan language subtitles

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Original Broadway Director: Jerry zaks, music: Alan Menken and original producer: Whoopi Goldberg


2017/10/25 (Wed) 〜2017/11/12 (Sun)

10/25 (Wednesday) 19:00
10/26 (Thursday) 19:00
10/27 (Friday) 13:00
10/28 (Saturday) 12:30 / 17:30
10/29 (Sunday) 12:30
10/31 (Tuesday) 13:00
11/1 (Wednesday) 13:00 / 19:00
11/2 (Thursday) 13:00
11/3 (Fri / Mon) 12:30 / 17:30
11/4 (Saturday) 12:30 / 17:30
11/5 (Sunday) 12:30
11/7 (Tuesday) 13:00
11/8 (Wednesday) 13:00
11/9 (Thursday) 13:00 / 19:00
11/10 (Friday) 19:00
11/11 (Saturday) 12:30 / 17:30
11/12 (Sunday) 12:30
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

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S-seats: 12000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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* Non-preschool-age children admission

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