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butterfly effect - butterfly effect-

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"The wind Cooper making money? "sell well increases the demand for more and more people learning the shamisen, more and more people to more and more people suffer from eye for sand dust

wind blow, you blind theattacks on accompanied by samisen music and the body of the shamisen cat fur, and reduced the number of cats, more rats, mice gnaw the pail from pail, bucket shop profitable if

lies and I! Funny from the beginning! Delusions and I! I remember when
know the origin of this saying when I was a kid I thought that. any

. After moment of my life, by a small series of chance now, I feel where you are. It may be a small
perhaps different life and world events. in the aftermath of the butterfly flapped by

this new performance butterfly effect - butterfly effect -
Beijing next month New York storm. Does and will not, he said. hard predictability of chaotic motion in
chaos theory. Not thinking about how difficult it is.

slight changes bring big changes.
hope to move large things one small step, but what is the story that I thought one man mainly sustains in the image a bit more abstract. I think there is little power looks like

it does not influence not impotence, change something. Everything works happened to be at the theatre stopped suddenly,...

If Yes, this world is connected in the sky gives impact to the world something even indirectly. So my humble wish! Nice

hang out when

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A nice hang out every / Aoki Miura wanted / Kuroki Natsumi / Kei Tani, eh / Tanaka / Haneda rabbit peach / Toshima Warrior


Stage director: ITA Shingo / acoustic: Kawai Nobuhiko / lighting: sod on Mayumi (yrymelli co., Ltd.) / costumes and art direction: Hidehiko Tanaka (for iroNic ediHt DESIGN ORCHESTRA) / creation support: Wataru Okamura, Ken-ichi Motegi, Masaya Hashimoto, Koyama companion horse / propaganda art and photography: Takashi Horikawa (utowyns studio) / propaganda art makeup: Shida Hara Satoshi child (High Shock), Maki Okada Mariko NAMI (High Shock), Mashiko saaya / production: Kawate Masako (I hang out when MIME company)


2017/7/6 (Thu) 〜2017/7/9 (Sun)

7/6 (Thursday) 19:30
7/7 (Friday) 19:30
7/8 (Saturday) 15:00 / 19:00
7/9 (Sunday) 13:00 / 17:00

Ticket Fee

-Free seating (General): 3000 Yen
and 1000 yen discount! 3000 Yen-> confetti seat 2000 yen! (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


AI HALL (Hall)


Organizations Overview

[Good hang out when MIME company]
MIME using nonverbal expressive techniques in making films for a nice hang out every + members in 2 0 0 formed in two years. members continue training on the same system with a
better hang out "maimlabo" appeared in the company works as a regular cast.
as one of the few "continue performing group MIME theatre company" Kansai based domestic broad performances are in.


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