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New! No. 3 bullet performers announced!
3 series artist, Denki Groove and the emergence of the third WORLD HAPPINESS comes first! This is where continued performance highlight by 2014, they

4 years Buri album "TROPICAL love" released in March, but showed a surge of angry being hit by torrential rains, dream Island last and last year's center stage tori前, great expectations we will show what stage.

and again 1 set "jealousy song (?!)" For now decided also starring wrestlers flowers of the hottest female artist and singer-songwriter, also referred to as Queen.

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Takahashi Yukihiro with okiyama Yuji Shirane Kenichi Suzuki k. Takano Hiroshi Horie hirohisa, Cornelius s. Sunahara Yoshinori TOWATEI gondoutmohiko LEO Imai and want Hogarth with DUBFORCE guest schadaraparr Takagi kan, electric Groove, TOWA TEI and around kotringo Okazaki sports / MIYAUCHI Yuri / ZOMBIE-CHANG / Miura Junko / / wrestler flowers / Takenaka Naoto / GLIM SPANKY/Nulbarich I / and more



2017/8/6 (Sun)

8/6 (Sunday) open 11:00 and start 12:30 (approx. 19:00)

Ticket Fee

Block specified: 10800 yen (tax included)
elementary school: 1500 yen (with tax)
parent-child ticket (1 adult and 1 child): 11500 yen (tax included) Please
* leisure seats with
* preschool admission free / elementary school students only in the entrance.

+ Ticketing Fee


Kasai rinkai Park ocean breeze Plaza


* Buyback is performed here, is out of service. Please refrain from your seat will be

* held rain or shine, stormy weather canceled
* leisure sheet (no pets allowed)
* elementary school students only at the entrance.
* please refrain use of chairs, tents and parasols. Please refrain from bringing
* firearm, dangerous goods, pets, bicycles, etc.
* trash, their take home please.
* special event parking is not available. Please use public transport.
* preschool admission free
* cast is subject to change by convenience.

[important] disabled space principle wheelchair users required, or disability you have only. On the structure of the venue cannot be for disabled people. Please contact the concert ticket purchase before a possible handicap or contact us below. If you could buy tickets for please be ready to respond at the venue, at least performed 1 week before also please contact please call. people will be accompanied as a
Chaperon (1 Pax) ticket is required. -

[contact us] hot stuff promotion TEL:03-5720-9999

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